Woman Arrested For Allegedly Stomping On An Endangered Sea Turtle's Nest

Sometimes animal behavior out in nature can be tough to explain. How do salmon know to return to the same spot they were born when they want to spawn? How do some animals know when an earthquake is about to strike? Why do cows face north or south when they're eating?

All good questions! But humans aren't without their own mysteries, like why the heck this lady would want to attack a sea turtle's nest.

A Michigan resident is under arrest following a bizarre attack on a sea turtle's nest on Miami Beach.

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As the Miami Herald reported, 41-year-old Yaquan Lu was taken into custody and held on a $5,000 bond after apparently losing it on the staked-off nest.

According to police, witnesses saw Lu grab one of those stakes and start "jabbing at the sea turtle nest and stomping all over the nest with her bare feet."

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It's not like it was a big mystery that the sea turtle nest was there — it was marked off with signage and a double perimeter of yellow tape and wooden stakes. So it appears that Lu went out of her way to attack the nest.

There was some good news out of this incident, however.

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"Thankfully, it appears the eggs were not damaged," said Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez.

It's still unclear why Lu attacked the endangered turtle's nest, however.

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Lu, a Chinese citizen with a current address listed in Hudsonville, Michigan, faces a charge of molesting or harassing marine turtles or their eggs. Sea turtles are federally protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act of 1973, as well as Florida statutes that make it illegal to harass or harm sea turtles or their eggs.

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