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O. J. Simpson Joined Twitter And He's Already Freaking Everyone Out

O.J. Simpson has remained pretty lowkey since he was released from prison in 2017. But he's out, he's just figured out how to use Twitter, and he's loving it.

After spending nearly nine years in prison after being found guilty of a Las Vegas robbery in 2007, it seems O.J. has discovered Twitter.

And people are kinda freaking out over it.

He started by tweeting a video of himself announcing his Twitter debut.

Twitter | @TheRealOJ32

"Hey Twitter-world. This is yours truly," he started it off.

"Coming soon to Twitter, you'll get to read all my thoughts and opinions on just about everything."

"Now, there's a lot of fake O.J. accounts out there," he said.

Twitter | @TheRealOJ32

"So this one, @TheRealOJ32, is the only official one," he went on. "So, this should be a lot of fun. I've got a little gettin' even to do."

Since then, he's released two more videos — and we are shooketh.

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His second video is basically just him calling out all the people that have dragged his name through the mud on social media and wishing all the dads out there a happy Father's Day.

He explains that because he's been behind bars, unable to defend himself, he'd like to take this time to finally challenge the rumors.

Twitter | @TheRealOJ32

"Thanks to all my new followers. Love learning how to use Twitter," he captioned the video.

"Hey, Twitter-world," he started off again (I guess that's his catch-phrase now?)

"You know, for years people have been able to say whatever they want to say about me with no accountability," he continued.

Twitter | @TheRealOJ32

"But now I get to challenge a lot of that BS and set the record straight."

"More importantly, I'll be able to talk about everything."

Twitter | @TheRealOJ32

"Especially sports — fantasy football, and even politics. But for now, I'll just say, to all the fellow fathers out there, Happy Father's Day."

His final video thus far is addressing the rumor that he and Kris Jenner were once romantically involved.

Twitter | @TheRealOJ32

"The first thing I want to set straight is this story Pardo (who was not my manger) is talking about all over the media regarding me & @KrisJenner," he tweeted along with a two-minute long video explanation.

Long story short: He denies ever having any romantic interest in Kris or vice versa.

Good to know. Good to know.

Naturally, however, fans are still having a meltdown over this.

Fans hilariously poked fun at O.J's aggressively mediocre camera quality.

Twitter | @MeekPhill_

He must have filmed it using an Android — that's my guess.

An Android camera is the only cell-phone-camera in 2019 that has the audacity to look like this.

I'm just gonna go ahead and assume this tweet was 100% sarcastic.

Twitter | @Nedsfeed

Since the video looked like it was filmed with a 2001 webcam.

Might be time for an upgrade, O.J.

Some fans took the opportunity to make highly inappropriate jokes like this one.

This was low-hanging fruit. I expected to see this.

2019. What a weird time to be alive.

Not only does O.J. Simpson have a Twitter account, but he managed to accumulate half a million followers in the span of two days.

We're all just really uncomfortable with this.

Twitter | @RobGeorge

Some people are using humor to cope. But deep down, we're all feeling a bit confused and concerned by the fact that O.J. Simpson is out here making Twitter videos.

Let us know what you think about O.J. Simpson being on Twitter.

Twitter | @TheRealOJ32

Do you think that he should have as many followers as he does?

Should people be supporting him on social media?