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Video Shows Touching Moment Cabin Crew Sings 'Happy Birthday' To World War II Vet

A video has recently gone viral of the moment a Southwest Airline plane crew and its passengers broke out into song mid-flight to serenade a travelling World War II veteran on his 101st birthday, Fox News reported.

The unnamed man was travelling from Orlando, Florida, on June 13, one day after he turned the big 101.

After crew received word of this absolutely incredible milestone, they made sure they celebrated it the right way and gave the veteran the recognition he deserves on such a huge birthday.

Thankfully, one of the passengers filmed the entire celebration so we can to enjoy just how sweet of a moment this truly was.

The main overhead lights throughout the cabin were dimmed as the singing began.

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The man can be seen in the video sporting a smile and holding a festive birthday crown as he delights in being serenaded.

Of course, since no open flames are allowed on airplanes, the crew had to get a little creative.

Twitter | @WaldronSamantha

At the moment where the birthday boy would usually blow out the candles on his cake, passengers switched off their own overhead lights in a very touching and thoughtful replacement.

Twitter user and fellow passenger Samantha Godwin posted the 30-second video to her account.

"@SouthwestAir being the baller airlines that they are took time out to sing Happy Birthday to a WWII vet," she wrote in the caption for the video, which currently boasts nearly 8,500 views.

Southwest Airlines has since tweeted out a reply to the video and thanked Samantha for posting it.

"We treat our Customers like family, and we're so glad we were able to celebrate this milestone!" a rep for Southwest replied online.