NASA Shares Photo From Mars And Sparks Highly Illogical Twitter Debate

In the history of great rivalries, a few stand out more than others, like Coke vs. Pepsi, or DC vs. Marvel, but when it comes science fiction one debate stands supreme.

I'm talking Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

Because nuance is the Kryptonite of fandom culture, people seem to think that if you like one, then you can't like the other.

You have to pick a side. Apparently.

(I like both, but lean more towards Star Wars simply because I tend to enjoy space opera more.)

When the nerds at NASA found a familiar shape on the surface of Mars, of course they were going to share it.

The formation does look and awful lot like a Starfleet insignia, doesn't it?

But it was James T. Kirk (original flavor) that provided the spark Trekkies needed to aim right at their rivals.

He tagged the official Star Wars Twitter account, noting that Starfleet had beat them to our solar system.

@starwars responded in the only logical way.

Twitter | @starwars

I mean, point to them, because that quote is the absolute best rebuttal.

They're also right, since Star Wars has never had the Earth or solar system connection as Star Trek.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker just can't be bothered with it.

He isn't wrong. It also looks like a boomerang. Or a Nike swoosh. It's all about your personal bias.

Of course, Star Wars fans had a ready rebuttal in the form of Mimas, one of Saturn's moons.

Though clearly, that's no moon. It's a space station.

Oh, but you wanted to know what the shape actually is? Fine, you party pooper.


Way back when, this area of Mars had a lot of crescent-shaped sand dunes due to how the winds moved around. At some point, a volcano erupted and the lava flowed around the dunes, making them islands of sand amongst the lava.

Eventually, the lava cooled and hardened and the sand was all blown away, leaving these perfect impressions.

Which, admittedly, is some pretty neat space nerdery.

Ultimately, the discovery resulted in some lighthearted fun. I mean, the world can't be all bad when William Shatner is telling Mark Hamill not to be "jelly."