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LEGO's New Disney Minifigures Series Includes Elsa, Hercules, And Jack Skellington

LEGO's Minifigures series offer children and adults alike the opportunity to expand their LEGO collections to include licensed characters from all different fan bases. If you can think of a character, you can probably get them in LEGO form, which is actually really cool!

Some of the series stick to one specific television show or movie.


For instance, you can get an entire collection of Simpsons minifigures, featuring such favorites outside the titular family as Groundskeeper Willie, Milhouse, and Comic Book Guy.

There are also series dedicated to entire film franchises, like this 'Harry Potter' collection.


The fun thing about these ones is they span all the different movies throughout the series. So you can get a Neville Longbottom fitted in his Herbology garb from the first film, or perhaps a Cedric Diggory from the fourth film, holding the Triwizard Cup. There's even a little Albus Dumbeldore holding the Pensieve memory basin from the later films.

LEGO has previously released a Disney series featuring all the characters you would expect in minifigure form.


Buzz Lightyear is of course present and accounted for, as well as both Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Peter Pan with Captain Hook also in attendance. Even some Incredibles characters made an appearance, with Mr. Incredible and Syndrome both adorably shrunken down into minifigures form.

Now LEGO has released a brand new series of Disney minifigures, and there's even more characters in this selection!

This new series adds to the previous one, as well as offering new characters from vintage Disney hits, classics, and brand new films.

Just check out everyone in that picture! There's quite literally a Disney character for every fan. Do you have a particular penchant for old school Disney? You can get Steamboat Willie, perfectly preserved in black and white form with his steamboat wheel at the ready!

There are also brand new Disney characters added to the mix, like Frozen's Anna and Elsa.

Perhaps most exciting is LEGO's decision to include characters from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.'


That's a tiny LEGO Jack Skellington, decked out in his trademark spooky garb and clutching a perfectly matching Christmas present box, as well as a tiny snowflake in his opposite hand. It's the cutest meshing of all things Jack ⁠— his love for all things deliciously creepy, and his fascination with the festive holiday.

There's even a little Sally rag doll so you can keep her and Jack together, even in LEGO form.


She looks perfectly sweet in her scarecrow-reminiscent rag doll clothes, complete with a single black flower held in one of her hands.

For many of these 18 characters featured in the new collection, it's the first time their franchise has been made into LEGO.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those, of course, as well as the Ducktales gang (featuring Scrooge McDuck and his three nephews). There's also the addition of the adorably mischievous and always scheming Chip n' Dale characters.

It's definitely worth noting the attention to detail given to each of these characters, from their facial features to their attire and even their tiny accessories.

Just like all the other minifigures series, these ones will also be sold in blind bags, so you won't know exactly which character you're getting.


It's like a fun little surprise each time! And, judging from all the characters who are available in this particular series, you won't be disappointed with whichever one you get.

Did I mention there's a Frozone from the Incredibles up for grabs as well as an Edna Mode? Yeah, I think I'll be really happy with my blind bag loot.