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Pickle Doritos Exist, Proving Once Again That Canada Has The Best Chips

If you compared any generic chips aisles from U.S. and Canadian stores, you'd probably assume that the States have those crazy Canucks beat. After all, there's often twice as many options on the shelves in U.S. supermarkets.

But it's becoming more and more clear that what Canadians lack in quantity, they make up in sheer quality.

In fact, Canada has some seriously awesome chip flavors that are worth making a trip across the border for.

Of course, Ketchup chips are the most recognizable, but personally, my favorite is All Dressed, which combines barbecue, ketchup, and salt and vinegar into one lip-puckering flavor bomb.

But it turns out that Canada has been quietly hoarding another pucker-y flavor: Intense Pickle Doritos.

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Maybe you've already heard of this flavor or have even had a chance to try it.

Because it turns out that they've been on Canadian shelves since at least 2011.

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Why haven't they been released here yet?!

I mean, even All Dressed Ruffles eventually became available south of the border thanks to demand.

So how do they taste?

According to his review from 2014, Junk Food Guy said they taste life if Cool Ranch Doritos were dipped in dill pickle juice.

Which sounds pretty good, actually.

So if you live close to the border, it's probably time for a road trip!

You can also order bags through third party sellers on Amazon, if you don't mind risking Intense Pickle Crumbs.

But really, why haven't these been brought to the States yet?