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So Adult Cake Smash Photo Shoots Are A Thing Now

Every now and then some new and strange trend comes along that leaves many of us either raving over it or scratching our heads.

Grown people smashing cake into their faces for a birthday photo shoot is very high on that list of things.

Normally when people turn 30 years old, they're likely celebrate in one of the following ways:

  1. Throw a huge party and get plastered.
  2. Go on tropical vacation or road trip if they got it like that. Or 3. Keep things low-key and have dinner with friends.

Hell, some women even book a boudoir photo shoot to mark the start of their grown and sexy era.

In contrast, a baby's first birthday will look a little more like this.

I can almost guarantee every Pinterest mom has done a photo shoot where their baby eats their first cake while simultaneously smashing it in the process.

You can usually find a chalkboard propped up next to the cake-covered infant with a list of random stats on it because aesthetics, I guess?

Now, for some reason fully-grown adults are doing the same thing.

Fresh Wiggins, a.k.a @TheBlackNerd on Twitter posted photos of the adult cake smashing trend and the post quickly went viral before he deleted it.

In the first photo, you can see a woman pointing to a chalkboard with information on it.

For example, Kara Marie apparently loves to rap and her favourite song is No Diggity.

This isn't a totally new thing either, people have apparently been doing this for YEARS.

One woman responded to @TheBlackNerd's tweet with her photo shoot that she says she did two years ago.

There was also an article in The Washington Post about this growing trend back in 2016 where one person described the cake-smashing as "almost kind of stress relieving."

Okay, so either this is an absolutely bizarre concept or really brilliant idea.

Yet as confused as some of us may be, there are clearly people out there who are totally into this.

I might not one of those people (I prefer to eat my cake with my hands when there are no witnesses around) but hey, if you're into and have the money then go for it.

Have your cake, eat it too and hire a photographer to shoot you doing so toddler-style.

It's your world!