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Intoxicated Woman Caught Driving Power Wheels Truck On Road Avoids DUI Charge

When we've had one too many alcoholic beverages, we're not exactly operating at our highest intellectual level. In fact, I think it's safe to say we make our worst, most pointless, and most questionable decisions while we're intoxicated.

Drink responsibly, people. You never know where your bad decisions might take you. Who knows? You could end up on the side of the road in handcuffs because you decided to take a toy truck for an evening joyride.

One South Carolina woman found herself in this exact situation after having a few too many drinks.

According to Buzzfeed News, 25-year-old Megan Holman was enjoying an evening drive when she was inexplicably pulled over by local police enforcement.

Well, it wasn't so inexplicable because her vehicle of choice happened to be a silver Power Wheels truck.

Police had received a call about a suspicious person and set out to investigate.

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What they found was a grown woman makin' her way downtown in a children's toy, probably reaching blistering speeds of about 3 mph and wondering just how much juice is left in that battery powering her eco-friendly electric ride.

They caught Holman about a mile down the road from her house and booked her on suspicion of intoxication.

During her arrest, she reportedly told officers the toy truck was all part of a scavenger hunt she was partaking in, and "she wanted to be a professional wrestler like her father and this was how to do it."

So it's not exactly a mystery where those "suspicions of intoxication" came from.

Although most of the elements were there, Holman ultimately wasn't charged with a DUI.

Oconee County Sheriff's Office

She was certainly driving while under the influence, of course. But apparently the law doesn't cover drunk driving charges of the toy-car variety. She was, however, slapped with a public intoxication charge and later released from Oconee County Detention Center personal on a recognizance bond.

The only question I have for this woman is how she fit inside the car.


Those things are usually made for children between 12 months and 7-years-old, so it's a wonder she was able to even fit into it, let alone comfortably drive it. I guess she could have sat on the back of the seats and driven hunched over. But still, no part of this experience sounds even remotely worth the punishment she received.

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