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8+ Really Weird Things About 'Two And A Half Men'

Ah, Two And A Half Men. Such a polarizing show.

Some people think it was an alright sitcom with some funny Charlie Sheen lines, others think it's a pile of hot, steaming garbage.

Today, we check out 'Two and A Half Men'.

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The pretty inoffensive sitcom with Charlie Sheen as a man who has a lot of intercourse. Wow, wacky!

Anyways, we're going to look at some bad stuff from the show. Get ready to send those e-mails, Two and A Half Men fans!

1. Alan is always poor.

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I know this is like, the whole reason they live with Charlie Sheen and the only way for the show to work, but there's no way Alan is poor, even with alimony.

But he's a chiropractor...

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In Malibu. And luckily, someone found the median pay for a chiropractor in Malibu, which is 146K annually.

Yeah, Alan, I think it's time to move out of Charlie's apartment, buddy.

2. Alan never gets kicked out.

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Listen, I haven't seen every episode of Two And A Half Men, so maybe there's one episode where this happens.

My point is that he should have to stay out. He's constantly putting down his brother for his actions, even though Charlie lets him stay there rent-free.

3. The boys' relationship with their mother.

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God, this was one of the worst parts of the series.

How awfully they treated her, how awfully she treated them, it was just a gross relationship. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

4. Jake is surrounded by bad adults.

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I get it, that's kind of the point.

But in real life, Jake would end up as a really messed up kid. His uncle Charlie is a boozing, Gambling, Sex Addict who frequently bullies his father...

How did child services not take him away?

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Speaking of his dad, the guy's a deadbeat divorcee who lives in his brother's apartment for free, his mom is a neurotic and his grandmother is a demon according to her sons.


5. The awful final season.

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Personally, even though he was a wack job, I feel the show suffered as soon as they lost Charlie Sheen.

And that shined through, especially in the show's final season. Just... just awful.

6. Alan and Rose.

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This idea was just lame and straight out of the "easy sitcom writing" handbook. Alan dating Charlie's crazy former one night stand for a while, what wacky things could possibly happen?

A lot of lameness.

Rose in general.

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Speaking of Rose, no one ever points out how weird it is that this deranged person keeps coming over to the house uninvited.

I know it's a sitcom trope, the wacky neighbor, but this one is too wacky for my taste.

7. Berta.

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Did she ever do any cleaning? Or did she just give sass and sarcasm the whole time?

Maybe it's just me, but I want my maid around for chores and not to give me lip.

8. The jingle writing.

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Yeah... as much as we loved seeing Charlie's lavish lifestyle, it's probably not all that realistic.

Then again, Charlie is an admitted gambler, so maybe he's just really good at it.

9. No longer 'Two and a Half Men'.

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By this, I mean the half man Jake kind of grew out of that title as the seasons went on.

Eventually, he became like a 7/8th of a man, growing even taller than his dad.

10. Alan's attitude.

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Charlie, as much as he is a player, is happy and successful. Alan, on the other hand, is... well, not.

So it's no wonder he's always putting down Charlie. He wants his brother to be on his level.

11. Rose killed Charlie.

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Or at least hints that she did away with him... and she's never questioned. Everyone just kind of... goes with it. Alan never calls the cops, Jake never gets pissed... it's just over for Charlie.