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The Internet Is Loving This DIY Shelf A Doting Boyfriend Made For His Girlfriend

Who knew that the best way to spell "Love" is with three little letters? Yes, DIY is the true path to a woman's heart and this wholesome story proves it.

When this loving boyfriend built a custom shelf for his girlfriend's mug collection, I'm sure he didn't expect it to go viral and take over the internet. However, this gesture shows the way real partners will support each other's interests and hobbies.

Ana Stanowick tweeted this photo of her mom's boyfriend putting the finishing touches on a DIY wall shelf for her mom's mug collection.

According to Ana, her dad would get mad about her mom's growing mug collection. It seems that Ana's parents are no longer together and her mom has a new partner.

Ana shared this photo to not only show a cool DIY project but to prove that a real partner will take the time to support your interests.

Needless to say, the internet is loving this heartwarming story.

Ana's tweet currently has 3,400 comments and nearly 155,000 retweets. Many people agree that her mom's boyfriend is the definition of a perfect man.

Other women have come forward to share their own DIY gifts made for them by their loving partner.

Like Ana's mom, this Twitter user had a book collection that her husband hated. Her second husband built her a bookshelf to house her collection. Awww!

Here's another DIY display built by a doting husband.

This Twitter user collects wobble-heads and her husband made this podium to show off her cute collection. I love all these DIY gifts made by loving partners.

Other women have shared how their old partners didn't support their hobbies but their new ones do.

Like Ana's mom, this Twitter uses also collects mugs and her new boyfriend always makes sure to find a spot for them. That's true love right there.

Here's another great story about a husband who supports his wife's hobbies.

All of these stories show how important it is to find a partner who inspires your creativity and helps you grow in a positive way.

It's safe to say that this project and the story behind it has won the internet's heart.

They say a picture says a thousand words and in this case, it's so true! A simple photo and tweet captioned this couple's beautiful relationship.

It just goes to show that DIY projects can be a symbol of love.

There's nothing better than a gift from the heart, and when you make something for someone with your own hands, the gesture means that much more.