14 Pics That Come With A Surprise

Life is full of surprises: sometimes good, sometimes bad. A good surprise? Starbucks accidentally giving you a venti iced skinny vanilla latte, when you only paid for a grande.

A bad surprise? Leaving the drive-thru window and realizing McDonald's forgot your fries, before spiraling into a long cry about the direction of your life choices.

These pics are not THAT terrible, but like...they're still SURPRISING nonetheless.

1. LMAO Y'ALL... If only getting a proposal was this easy.

Reddit | Bunniebones

If I could just buy a bottle of kombucha and suddenly be betrothed, do you not think I'd be bathing in the stuff???

YA it's a proposal from a sloth, but STILL.

2. Maybe if my lock in high school had a horse shape worn off in the center of it, it would have made going to prom alone less LES MISERABLES!!!

Reddit | newbie1canoebee

But honestly it's fine, I'm over it, I'm not bitter at allllllllllllll.

3. Oh you thought it was basic country boy cameo print, but NO, FRIENDS. It is a SHARK print in cameo colors, SOOO pls Jesus take the wheel rn!!!

Reddit | Mydadshands

Does it make it any less atrocious? No.

BUT HONESTLY, bonus points for originality.

4. AW MAN, the one time I leave the house without my Wonder Woman costume, what a shame!!!

Reddit | isarealboy13

But like, let's be real, any day I leave the house not wearing my early 2000's grunge clothes, I'm in costume lol.

5. Oh, you thought we'd be mature adults about applying for jobs? Absolutely not.

Instagram | Instagram

There is literally nothing more frustrating than being asked one million questions on an online job application. Like, I DONT EVEN WANT THIS JOB THAT BAD lol.

Why don't you just call me in for an interview and we can talk about ME for a full 45 mins? Omg LOVE that.

Lemme tell you all about my summer volunteering, and first part-time job, and blah blah blah.

6. Whaaaaaaaa, I didn't even KNOW lizards could be so tiny!!!

Reddit | meikooooo

Just imagine you're loading up your laptop charger to, idk, pay off one of your 10 credit cards, BUT THEN YOU SEE THIS LI'L MUNCHKIN!

7. UMMM, I mean I love a pop of freshness ALWAYS, but I have a lot of questions about this patch of grass in a public washroom.

Reddit | _Athulu

Like who is trimming it? Watering it? Giving it sunlight?


8. I love a good haunting, but it's so ballsy to literally sell this chair with these bad vibes ya know?

Reddit | ashh640

See, I thought I'd seen weird shit on Craigslist, but really I had NO IDEA what's out there!!!

"This chair is perfect for nurseries with new born babies OR, YA KNOW, the haunted attic you haven't ventured up to in 10 yrs!!!"

Like absolutely not, stranger from the internet, I shall not partake in ur shenanigans!!!

9. WHAT a pleasant surprise! When I text a wrong number I get a "new phone who dis?" or some sort of NASTY message not appropriate for polite conversation.

Twitter | @bbymandi

But THIS IS NOT THAT, so what a delightful twist!!!

10. Normally there is no time animal print is the WRONG choice, but these are not the usual vibes lol.

Reddit | giegsn

Raccoons are no offense, terrifying, so idk why they need to be plastered all over public transportation.

11. Oh you just thought it was a standard ugly-ass car? Nah, it's a standard ugly-ass car covered in OLD CELLPHONE CASES???

Reddit | newlogicgames

I am ALL for reduce, reuse, recycle...but why he gotta be so nasty about it?

12. This is the FOOD equivalent of catfishing, and honestly, I think this is more disappointing than finding out your Tinder date doesn't actually look like Chris Hemsworth.

Reddit | skunkdrunkpunk

Few things are more upsetting than RAW BROCCOLI.

13. At first you think it's just an AVERAGE, BASIC red pepper that you don't even fux with that heavy, but then ALL of a sudden, things get sensual.

Reddit | ketom

These look like some glossy-ass red lips and I'm HERE for that drama.

14. Oh, happy Monday li'l Jimmy!!! Your loving mom packed you a lunch with some chips — oooooo, and some apple — yaaasss! Oh, and also A HELLA POISONOUS SNAKE.

Reddit | kitehkiteh

I mean, I'm not GONNA blame the mom for this one, but STILL!!!