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This Artist Makes Magically Adorable Disney Crochet Outfits For Babies

The best artists know how to combine their interests with their talents and that's exactly what Rebecca Groh has done.

When she discovered she had a knack for crochet and photography, she tapped into her love of all things pop culture for unique baby photo sessions.

Each of Rebecca's pieces are custom and bring some of our favorite characters to life for the youngest fans. Let's take a look at her work.

These Disney-inspired crochet creations are made by Rebecca Groh.

Amazingly, Rebecca makes all these costumes by hand and without the use of a pattern.

She taught herself to crochet about six years ago while making her son's Halloween costume and has been addicted ever since.

Soon, Rebecca began making costumes and props for newborn photography sessions.

When photographers weren't interested in doing so-called "nerdy" themes, Rebecca taught herself photography and started her own company: Stitch & Click Photography.

Rebecca's clients can custom order the costumes for their baby's photography shoot.

She's become known for recreating Disney costumes, but has also tackled other pop culture phenomenons like Game of Thrones, Dr. Seuss characters, and sports team jerseys.

Every costume is made from scratch by Rebecca without any patterns.

"It can take anywhere from a day to a week for me to finish the entirety of a set. It’s fairly commonplace for me to do 12-hour crochet binges a few times a week," she said in an email to Diply.

For Rebecca, creating these pop culture-inspired crochet creations combines a number of her passions.

"I’m a big nerd and pop culture is my jam, so my art is just an extension of my love for the subject material," she said.

It seems that this talent for crochet also runs in Rebecca's family.

Rebecca's mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were all talented crocheters, too.

Like her great-grandmother, Rebecca is able to crochet without the help of a pattern.

"She would buy intricate lace doily patterns and copy them from the photo. I’m kind of the same way. I’ve never used a pattern and crochet by looking at a picture," she said.

While it's hard for Rebecca to pick a favorite, she is especially fond of her Princess Leia photo series.

It's easy to see why this is one of her favorites — she totally nailed it with that adorable crochet cap!

Be sure to follow Rebecca's work on Facebook and Instagram.

She shares her latest creations through the Stitch and Click Photography Facebook page and you can follow her on Instagram @thestitchpoet.

You can also reach out through her website to book your own photo session.