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YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Is Getting Called Out For Selling Hairy, Expired Lipsticks

Guys, this is a dark time in the YouTube beauty community. Beauty guru's are truly out here calling each other out (cough Tati Westbrook v. James Charles v. Jeffree Star cough) and entering huge feuds in front of millions of adoring and semi-horrified fans.

One of the original YouTube beauty *phenomenons* was (and still is) Miss Jaclyn Hill.

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Starting her YouTube channel back in 2011, Jaclyn currently sits at 5.8 million subscribers.

Captivating viewers with her makeup tutorials and her never ending list of collaborations, Jaclyn Hill has become one of the most controversial YouTubers of all time.

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Which is like, pretty crazy considering we're just out here trying to have a good time but kk.

For some context, let's talk about how Jaclyn Hill was basically the sole reason HIGHLIGHTER became *such* a thing!!!!!

Instagram | @jaclynhill

Guys face highlighter was literally not mainstream makeup thing until Jaclyn collaborated with Becca Cosmetics and created "Champagne Pop" back in 2015.

Jaclyn has also INFAMOUSLY collaborated with Morphe *many* times in the past.

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After quietly dropping her sponsorship with Sigma Beauty, I may add.

Jaclyn Hill went on to release her own eye shadow palette with the brand in June 2017.

Instagram | @jaclynhill

It was later revealed Jaclyn dropped a long awaited brand deal with Makeup Geek cosmetics in order to launch this palette, costing Makeup Geek millions in lost revenue.

Unbothered, Jaclyn then went onto release the now INFAMOUS "The Vault" eye shadow collection a few months later.

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Since her initial Morphe palette did so well and everyone LOVED it, Jaclyn and Morphe set out to release all the other eye shadows that didn't make the initial palette in a "vault" style collection.

The formula was *supposed* to be the same. The pigmentation was *supposed* to be the same.

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But plot twist y'all, it was an absolute DISASTER. NOTHING WAS THE SAME.

When costumers began complaining that their vault palettes were TRASH quality, Jaclyn assured everyone they could return their palettes.

Instagram | @jaclynhill

However, people were told they had to pay for shipping and handling on their return which is...tough.

Morphe then admitted there was a "bad batch" of initial vault palettes but still refused to give people their money back.

Twitter | @babybreeze864

Here's a "bad batch" of shadows in comparison to Jaclyn Hill's swatches.

After this controversy, Jaclyn announced she was taking a "break" from Morphe.

Fans suspected something big was in the works for Jaclyn and sure enough, a few months later, Jaclyn announced her own brand Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics was finally getting ready to launch.

I saw *finally* because Jaclyn has been speaking about launching her own makeup brand since 2014.

Instagram | @jaclynhill

That's right, sis has been saying for five years that a brand was "coming soon."

So when Jaclyn made her launch video, longtime subscribers were ecstatic to finally see this dream come to fruition!

Instagram | @jaclynhill

The video, "INTRODUCING JACLYN HILL COSMETICS" featured Jaclyn showcasing her brand's first endeavor — a line of 20 nude lipsticks!

Jaclyn bosted the line was "years in the making" and she wanted viewers to "trust her brand."

She really emphasized she wanted her name on her products because "these are my products that I'm creating, that I'm putting my heart and soul into."

Okay so keeping this EMPHASIS in mind, keeping this proclamation of perfection in mind, let's move forward.

Instagram | @jaclynhillcosmetics

Fans were eager to buy their Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks and I don't blame them —the packaging is cute!

However, a few days later fans began receiving lipsticks that were... chonky to say the least.

This woman bought the entire collection of lipsticks only to discover some actual hair on the tube of product.

Other costumers reported a "hard ball" found inside their lipsticks.


Some lipsticks came with a gritty texture on the top which is completely unheard of and absolutely unacceptable.

Health code violation anyone????

This lipstick just fully crumbled after one use.

No tea no shade but this is a classic example of an expired makeup product...

Fellow YouTuber and beauty guru RawBeautyKristi filmed a review video after posting this shocking photo to her Twitter.

Twitter | @RawBeautyKristi

I mean... THAT'S A NO 4 ME DOG.

In her video, she takes the lipsticks under a microscope and reveals a truly horrifying sight.

YouTube | RawBeautyKristi

Air bubbles, hairs and bacteria GALORE.

In response to the video, Jaclyn tweeted at Kristi telling fans it was NOT hair.

Jaclyn claimed, "My factory used brand new white gloves to do quality control & they shed all over my product!"

T o top it all off, someone on Twitter pulled up this tweet from September of 2017, where Jaclyn saying her lipsticks were in the lab and "ready to go."

Which is... terrifying?

Someone then posted THIS PICTURE of Jaclyn holding the lipstick unit in her hands back in 2015.


Jaclyn tweeted that she will be making a full video to address the scandal soon.

Guess we'll have to wait and see what she says!