24 People Who Want To Know When Their Suffering Will End

There is nothing worse than starting your day off on the wrong foot. Yeah, sometimes it gets better, but it's my experience that when I get up on the wrong side of the bed, it's just all downhill from there.

For example, I went to a party a couple weekends ago and was holding a cup of water. I talk a lot with my hands and managed to slap my own cup of water out of my hand, and that was the least embarrassing thing I did that night.

1. While this would be super irritating to wake up to, I doubt the cat really had a problem with it. 

Reddit | shm94

However, cats can be SUPER picky and probably would never eat all that food off the floor. He probably thinks his bowls are empty.

2. Well, I would love to know the original story behind this sign.

Reddit | Gogery1

What happened? How long did it take them to realize that this was happening? What kind of kettle do they use? How did the person who made this sign get so funny? See, never-ending questions.

3. This poor, poor woman. 

Reddit | benevolentonion

There is nothing more devastating than dropping some delicious food before you get to eat it. And this person didn't just drop her pizza, she dropped it on the subway. THE SUBWAY. It was over before it even started.

4. The look on his face says it all: Wth is with this "window" seat.

Reddit | cbrackenak

Who do these airplane people think they are, trying to scam us with a window seat price and no window?! I would be demanding headphones and peanuts for free!

5. I bet this happened first thing on a Monday, because this is such a Monday thing.

Reddit | ddh85

Oh, the bottom of your cup fell perfectly out the bottom? Classic. Monday. Move.

6. Now, I'm a fan of ripped jeans. I think they look nice with certain outfits.

Reddit | BigOrangeScrewed98

But this looks so scary and painful. I never would have thought this would be a thing. Ladies, let this woman be a cautionary tale.

7. The kid looks so proud to be standing on the top of the shelf. 

Reddit | GetALoadOfToad

The dad is lowkey impressed, let's not pretend that isn't a thing. I hope he got down safe.

8. I want to know who, in the history of everything, thought that a mirrored ceiling in a bathroom was smart. 

Reddit | kalyangoparaju

In no universe would this ever serve a purpose.

9. When you go on vacation, the main goal is to take some time to relax, right?

Reddit | wilsononreddit

Well, getting stuck in a shower and needing maintenance to help get you out is the opposite of a good time.

10. This has to be some kind of bad omen, because I don't know why else this would happen. 

Reddit | theRainbowTriforce

You're so jazzed to get home and drink your strawberry milk, just to find out it's regular milk?!

11. Two minutes in the microwave and this bag of popcorn just looks like a weird paper hat.

Reddit | BarrackOmaha

I hope that it didn't smell amazing, because then they would be especially let down.

12. Well, this person has given in to their suffering.

Reddit | whittyjustin

They threw in the towel in hopes that if they embraced it, the bad things would stop happening. They probably didn't.

13. I love this. I think this should be hung in every museum in the world.

Reddit | All-Seeing_Elon

There is so much beauty and sadness. His pain is palpable. I will never take a sandwich for granted again.

14. I think that it's safe to say that anyone who has used Windows has experienced this at some point in their life.

Reddit | IPlayTheTrumpet

Also, talk about an overachiever, jeez.

15. Here is the classic "should have put the paint in the trunk" situation. 

Reddit | dexter184

It's happened before and it will happen again. No matter how much we hope people get smarter, they just don't.

16. How did this even happen? 

Reddit | please-replace

Aren't these people supposed to be some of the smartest, most stealthy people around? Well, it would seem not. I hope this person got a raise or a vacation day or something.

17. There was no coming back from this. The rest of this person's day was probably horrible.

Reddit | TheBritishGeek1

Not only was it bad, it was immortalized for the foreseeable future on the side of this building.

18. Don't you think it would have been a good idea to check the weather before leaving your roof open like this?

Reddit | pred7290

Then again, who even knows with the weather, it changes literally every 15 minutes and doesn't even know what it wants to do.

19. While no one's school photos looked good, there were some that were far worse than others. 

Reddit | cuttymoefreebush

To be fair, I would rather have a picture like this instead of what I ended up with.

20. This bad day was a long time coming...like, how did we even come to this?

Twitter | @goth_cakes

I'm pretty sure that the iron should just be thrown out. There is no saving it.

21. I don't know what it would feel like to be in that deep of a sleep.

Twitter | @MiaSimper101

Imagine turning around and realizing you've been spiting seeds at your daughter by accident all afternoon?

22. Do you think that this person realized his mistake before he put it in his mouth, or after?

Reddit | CappaWasDetated

Either way, it isn't great. I bet their toothbrush is going to taste like diaper cream forever now.

23. How did this person not realize that they had grabbed the wrong chemical?

Reddit | TgaGuy

Looks cool, though, like something from Alice in Wonderland _o_r some kind of weird abstract art installation.

24. This is so scary, I never even thought that this could happen, but now it's something I'm terrified is going to happen.

Reddit | tisallfair

Hopefully she turned it off before seriously hurting herself or her sweater.