16+ People Who Never Asked For Any Of This

Every now and then, a package goes to the wrong house. This usually sucks for the one who ordered it, but if some less-than-honest recipient opens a box with 18 live bats inside, they get a lesson in karma at record speed.

But sometimes, you didn't even open the package. The way that life works, the horrible contents can still drip on your shoes the second you touch it.

That's what happened to these poor souls.

1. Aw man, just when these little screens made air travel bearable again, our fellow travelers had to mess it up.

Reddit | Pirate_Redbeard

Say what you want about sitting next to a crying baby, but at least they haven't figured out how to levitate in front of the screen...yet.

2. Well, I suppose this is still less disheartening than when you lose a balloon outside. At least it's not going anywhere.

Reddit | fshowcars

I can't say I envy the parents who now have to turn this into a king-sized version of Operation, though.

3. Haha wow, it's not often we get to see a horror movie unfold in real time like this.

Instagram | Instagram

A special shudder goes to that ominous part where she can never have a birthday. I wonder if throwing a party would make the hauntings better or worse?

4. I guess there's a big difference between hearing the ice cream machine is broken for the hundredth time and actually seeing what that looks like.

Reddit | Thesbo

I can't speak for everyone else who's complained about it on Twitter, but I definitely don't know how to fix that.

5. If there's one thing that makes a ruined lunch sting harder, it's having to clean what should have been very delicious gunk off your chair.

Reddit | kaiserwrites

Even when restaurants mess up my order, they at least give me another kind of food instead of a cleaning project.

6. It sure was nice of gravity to leave the date and time alone as it smashed up the rest of the screen.

Reddit | XxDJ-DavidxX

I don't know if this person was wondering exactly when their day turned to crap, but now they have an answer.

7. Walking outside to this sight may be equal parts disturbing and inconvenient, but the picture may be intense enough for your manager to let you take the day off.

Reddit | eLicky

If yours doesn't take "Sorry, boss, but my tires literally melted" as an excuse, I'm so sorry.

8. Gah! There's only one kind of bathroom mirror selfie you should be able to take and this definitely ain't it.

Reddit | jblohm02

Everyone who installs a bathroom door should have to test the stall out themselves first.

If people can wave to you, it's time to build it again.

9. I think this person just added this caption to make themselves feel better about their horrible snake invasion. 

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

Like, if they can summon up the courage to make it outside and get help, a giant check for $15,000,000 will be right there waiting for them.

Godspeed, buddy.

10. I'd love to hear the explanation for how this setup is in any way wheelchair accessible.

Reddit | Bkay1896

It's like they put up signs for a "buy one get one" free sale and actually made people pay double for the second item.

11. So the game is obviously over, but I'm curious about who wins in this situation.

Reddit | kezio274

Like, the shuttlecock didn't hit the ground, so is it the racket holder? Or are we awarding bonus points to a swing powerful enough to drive a shuttlecock through there?


12. Yup, it looks like a big ol' friendly danger noodle decided to peek out of the vent and say hello. 

Reddit | 47153

And that would be perfectly lovely if it didn't decide to do this while the person was driving!

It's the Speed and Snakes On A Plane crossover nobody asked for.

13. Gee, thanks kid — 'cause everyone loves a good mystery when it comes to dinner.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I guess all there is to do now is play some kind of canned goods Russian roulette.

14. I donno, but I'm pretty sure they didn't really want to redo their car's interior. 

Imgur | Hamsterwitherectiledysfunction

I guess that red isn't a horrible shade for the insides, but needs to be a little more even, huh?

15. I can believe that she wanted a Hannah Montana cake for her birthday — but I don't believe that's what she got.

The Chive | The Chive

That looks like something out of a surrealist cartoon more than anything on the Disney Channel.

16. Poor dude just wanted to chow down at the game — did they really have to put him on blast like that?

Imgur | Imgur

Also, is that pad thai? They def need pad thai guys at hockey games now.

17. Yeah, I could see this being one of the worst, randomly generated licence plates out there.

Reddit | Bombastic_Sushi

18. Oil spills are always the biggest disasters!

Reddit | basshead541

Even just trying to clean that up means you're in for the slipperiest mop job you've ever had. Not something I'm signing up for anytime soon.

19. You never quite know where you're gonna end up in life.

Reddit | zZ_DunK_Zz

I guess in this case, it's at least helping people, right? You're a part of an impotent message, Marley.

20. Wow, no batteries required! Heh...wait, no batteries required?!

Reddit | daboring1

Well, I guess we can all see why they're getting rid of this. I don't care how "cute" that laugh is, I'm out!

21. Yeah, I'm not sure there's a worse thing to wake up to than a yard full of volcano spit.

Reddit | BunyipPouch

"Oh look, honey, the backyard has transformed into a terrifying monument to earth and fire. Why yes, we probably should have already evacuated by now."

22. If I were driving this thing, I would definitely tell the mom that the kid says I'm a member of the family now. 

Instagram | @course

You never know, that stunt might land me a few extra cards on my birthday if she has a sense of humor.

23. The more time I spend on the internet, the more I'm convinced that the world never runs out of stuff to chuck through windshields.

Reddit | moustachioso

However this happened, at least the cost to repair the windshield is balanced out by the free pet.

24. I have no idea what this lady is screaming at, but I figure it has to be terrifying.

Reddit | Janturion

Otherwise, how could it possibly draw attention away from whatever that thing with the giant mustache is supposed to be?

The photographer protected us by not showing us.

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