24 Pics To Get Your Funny Gears Moving

Do you appreciate a good laugh? Do you spend a good portion of your day scrolling through memes? Look no further, because this collection is just for you. Happy time wasting!

1. You are, buddy

Know Your Meme | Know Your Meme

I wish I could tell every dog in the world how good they were. Also, every major place needs a dog. I think it would boost morale!

2. Better to be safe than sorry

Imgur | TANK9870

This would be me if I was able to run. Who wants to risk getting wet when you can stay at home in your pajamas?

3. We've all been there

Imgur | ForeveraKritik

This is what we have coffee for, anyway. Nobody likes falling behind and being subject to unwanted spoilers. Cliffhangers are the worst creation ever, am I right?

4. That's a valid question

Imgur | johnnykazz4l

Snoop Dogg’s response is the absolute best. I guess that’s the wealthy version of pondering life. I wish I could do that. He's also not wrong.

5. He was using the Force

Imgur | ThaliaInTheTARDIS

I mean, it had to be for somebody to drop avocado toast. That stuff is like gold these days. I wonder how it tastes to birds.

6. When am I not?

Imgur | RobotPrincessPoopyPants

The resemblance to myself is uncanny. Food is one of the very few things in life that I get genuinely excited about. When can I have more?

7. Me IRL

Imgur | ElbowLickingTrainer

You always hear that it’s good to stop and smell the roses. However, sometimes you just end up doing a faceplant in the flower bed. I can relate.

8. At least I have that

Imgur | thechucktopus

I might not have children or be married yet, but at least I have cats and money to buy ice cream. That's more than fine.

9. It's the little things

Imgur | Stormkriega

That’s true love right there. It’s not always about the bling. As long as the gift comes from the heart, I would happily accept any food.

10. Not a bad title

Imgur | crucialtaunt93

I recently received a gift that was similar to this. It doesn’t matter what is on it, it just makes things feel much more official. I envy this master.

11. You don't see that every day

Imgur | TryingToAdultButCantSendHelp

Somebody had an interesting day at work. Perhaps the subject was trying to channel their inner Donkey Kong. We will likely never know the truth.

12. May the odds be in your favor

Imgur | thegreattasteoflymon

I would probably never do that to somebody else. We are hard to understand, but most of the time it just requires more listening.

13. What kind of monster does something like this?

Sizzle | Sizzle

Sure. I like thinking outside of the box, but not when it ruins something for everybody else. That pie never deserved such cruelty.

14. Needs more work

Reddit | Dovaking_the_Great

I wish I was well-off enough for my own gaming room. You can never go wrong with Nintendo. I would also add comfortable seats for the long-haul gaming sessions.

15. Is he accepting more grandkids?

Imgur | anlyin

Seriously. I need a grandpa like this. The creative delivery would only make getting the hundred dollars even sweeter. Nothing beats extra cash flow.

16. Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy

Instagram | @kalesalad

I've seen a few good lines in my time, but this is a new one on me. If that doesn't at least get a first date, then I'm hopeless.

17. Food is always the right choice

Me.me | Me.me

This really puts things into perspective. Sure, it’s nice to have the latest gadget, but who could go wrong with that much garlic bread?

18. So that's how you use those things

Imgur | imbugss

Anything that fits on the plate is fair game. I was never really good at keeping up with diets, so I can relate.

19. What did you say?

Me.me | Me.me

It can be hard pretending to be tough. Sometimes, the feels just hit you. If you’ve never been here, you’re lying. Or maybe you're just really lucky.

20. I'm even more in love with the shape of him

Instagram | @will_ent

Sometimes a mistake actually works out for the better! Ed Sheeran already has a natural adorableness about him, but this is unreal.

21. The award for most savage dad goes to...

Instagram | @nochillhumor

It's one thing to ground your kid, it's another, more hilarious thing, to rub it in just a little bit! Lesson learned, no?

22. This is pretty genius

Instagram | @miscell.a.neous

I'm not going to lie: Before seeing this, I had no idea what a rice paddle was. Everything these days seems to have more than one use.

23. She don't want no scrubs

Sizzle | Sizzle

Seriously. Haven't you ever heard that TLC song? Don't even try it, bro. They still don't want any. I can't say that I blame them.

24. They're bloody hilarious

Twitter | @nochillposts

It never hurts to have a sense of humor in a place like this — it definitely lightens things up a lot! Like they say, laughter is the best medicine.