16 Feel-Good Photos To Brighten Up Your Break

The internet is constantly flooded with so much negativity and bad news, but not here! We believe in regular doses of positivity and kindness to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

These photos are guaranteed to put you in a great mood, and ensure you're ready to take on whatever your week throws at you!

1. Sometimes humanity is more important than competition

Reddit | fkroep

This Ohio runner stopped to help an injured competitor finish the race at the cost of her own time at a track meet, which I'm sure she'll remember more in 50 years than getting a better time.

2. These two men are Norwegian heroes who rescued a sheep from the ocean

Reddit | fkroep

So many questions:

  1. How did the sheep end up in the ocean?
  2. Was it going for a dip to cool off before remembering it can't swim?
  3. Does stuff like this happen all the time in Norway?
  4. Are they single?

3. This Egyptian woman teaches a street vendor to read and write every day on her way home

Reddit | kr613

And this picture teaches us all that there are still amazing people creating change in the world.

4. This Subway decided to fill the bellies of homeless people and warm the hearts of strangers on the internet

Reddit | fkroep

There's nothing more uplifting than seeing people doing what they can locally.

5. These kittens were stranded in a flood and this Indian man carried them to safety, and probably to a saucer of warm milk, too

Reddit | fkroep

I like to think they filled their bellies with milk and fell asleep in a sunbeam as soon as they got to safety.

6. This man set up outside a Walmart to let people peep a planet

Reddit | sbook28

Hello, yes, I would like to adopt this man as my grandpa. I will name him Earl and he will teach me valuable life lessons.

7. These lawyers created a makeshift office at the O'Hare Airport to help 18 people who were detained

Reddit | gallowboob

I think these lawyers were tired of their profession unfairly having a bad reputation and wanted to help out people caught up by the travel ban affecting certain countries.

8. Just when we thought Ryan Reynolds couldn't get any more attractive, he meets Make-a-Wish kids on set

Reddit | jakethesnake134

Make-a-Wish also services children who are recovering, as they want to be part of the healing process.

9. If we made a firefighter calendar, this would be the centerfold

Reddit | fkroep

I think it would be impossible to make this picture any cuter — unless the firefighter had a special kitten-sized oxygen mask that fit perfectly over its little mouth.

10. Anthony Borges wins "Badass of the Year" after holding a door closed during a shooting, saving his classmates and surviving

Reddit | h8ed-program

The word hero gets thrown around a lot, but this kid is the real deal.

11. It's hard to tell what goes wrong with bathroom door locks sometimes, but this can be a real lifesaver.

Reddit | galacticaf

As someone who actually lost a friend after they walked in on me using the bathroom (middle school wasn't fun), I'm just glad to see someone stepping in when this problem gets out of control.

12. I don't think anybody's going to argue with the kid on this one

Reddit | cowabungapeppermil

As if the kind things he's doing weren't adorable enough already, there's something about the fact that he picks a different hero each time that makes me smile.

13. There are layers to why this photo is so special

Reddit | Shandere

The owner of this café had recently attained his Australian citizenship, so his regular customers got together to surprise him with this little celebration.

14. When a building collapsed in New Orleans, it's definitely fair to say that the situation left first responders working feverishly

Reddit | 1PapayaSalad

After they heard about what was going on, the staff of a local restaurant called the Ruby Slipper headed down to the scene to give emergency crews free meals.

15. The New Jersey Devils once had a really cute idea to show their appreciation for their young fans

Reddit | gelo1910

Each player's picture shows up on the screen as they're introduced, but this time those pictures were drawn by children.

The results are adorable and hilarious all at once.

16. The only thing cuter than a happy pupper is seeing what's making it so happy

Reddit | PranavBadgujar

And the fact that it's clearly so safe, secure, and loved is enough to melt anybody's heart.

17. While it can be hard to see a dog in a bad situation, it's a lot more affirming to see what happens when they're free from it

Reddit | bcne

She had just been adopted in the photo on the left, but it's easy to see that she feels so much healthier and safer four years later.

18. Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros made a special promise to one fan with a terminal illness


He said that the next home run he hit would be for this man and he would signal it by pointing like this.

Sure enough, not only did he keep his promise, but that home run actually won his team the game against the New York Yankees.

19. Sometimes, all we need to do to make a difference for someone is offer a kind ear

Reddit | BroncosoJR

That's what this man sets out to do every day as he sits in this university cafeteria and offers stressed students all the guidance he can.

20. At 98 degrees Fahrenheit, it was easy to call this day unreasonably hot

Reddit | Sr_Myers

But no matter how much this man felt the heat, he knew this street dog was feeling it harder, so he gave it a nice, cool bath.

21. This man lifted by the crowd was quoted saying, "I could have flown"

Reddit | jerkno1

Taking place at a Dai Dorogu concert in Russia, the crowd helped Konovalchik and his wheelchair get to the front. Even better? The band means "Clear the Road" in English.

22. Maybe there is such a thing as the perfect date after all

Reddit | anangrylady

I can't believe that dog's eyes aren't photo edited — this dog looks like it was drawn by a Disney cartoonist.

23. If this guy can lose 350 pounds in less than two years, then anything is possible

Reddit | lesszachmoore

He could wear one leg of his old sweatpants like a Snuggie, and that's incredibly impressive.

24. I just want to meet someone who looks at me like this clouded leopard looks at her trainer

Reddit | maxtria

Fun fact about clouded leopards: Scientifically, they have the cutest eyes of all the large cats.

25. Hummingbirds are so small that they can get caught in spiderwebs — this one was rescued by a human

Reddit | dogs-keep-me-going

Hummingbirds are only about 3 inches long, and in other news, I need to get a pet hummingbird.

26. After this Kenyan woman found her friend living on the streets, she took him in and his life changed forever

Reddit | k2ocean

Her kindness led to such an amazing transformation, he doesn't even look like the same person.