13+ Times The World Got Us Better Than We Expected

Based on how hard she treats us, Mother Nature probably won't be winning any mother of the year awards anytime soon. But like a lot of our moms do, she also has a tendency to try to be our buddy after she yells at us over something dumb.

I mean, that's probably why the craziest and most violent storms usually result in the biggest rainbows. It doesn't exactly take the fallen tree off my house, but I suppose it's the thought that counts.

That's just what we're gonna have to tell ourselves as we browse these pics of the world being relatable for once.

1. If I have to look kinda lumpy in these styles, I'd at least appreciate it if the mannequins warned me ahead of time.

Instagram | @will_ent

Although, if they want to impress me, they'll feature a mannequin bending over so I'll know how much skin I'll show.

That's valuable information.

2. I don't normally go for energy drinks, but I'd probably change my tune if I had to spend all day yelling, "It's-a me, Mario!" 

Reddit | NickNack31

Those shoes may look silly on this guy, but he looks serious about making sure the kids notice he's got Mario's enthusiasm.

3. Summer's about finished, but we're still in that time of year where this seems more tempting every day. 

Reddit | Komodo

If I wasn't so sure I'd wake up at 3 a.m. to the feeling of my hair getting caught in there, this would be a picture of me.

4. Despite all the bullcrap the world puts us through, I'd be lying if I said it didn't also have our backs from time to time. 

Reddit | Pixieblonde

It's good to see gravity taking a break from dropping apples on people's heads and actually being a homie for once.

5. At this point, a lot of us are right on board with Jase and Mike's energy here. We're waiting for the day where we can get spooky. 

Reddit | Samlamb80

Incidentally, I wouldn't really recommend using those names if you meet these guys. I also wouldn't recommend meeting them.

6. It only takes one substitute teacher bringing the wrong kind of markers to make the dream team necessary.

Reddit | leo1098

But at least the kids will have plenty of time to copy down whatever's written there before the main teacher and the custodian's mop finally defeat the whiteboard.

7. Some things are too perfect to happen on purpose and I'm willing to bet this is one of them.

Reddit | CallOfTheCurtains

That is, unless whoever's in charge of this billboard left a fanfic behind where the movie ends with Olaf unhinging his jaw and eating Hans.

8. I'm conflicted on this one because I'm not down with rotting fish, but this is also pretty genius.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I didn't know you could use googly eyes for evil. I think I know how this scheme got uncovered, though.

Thanks, gravity. You snitched so we didn't have to.

9. Haha, I'm almost positive this person is saying the same thing out loud and I can already picture how it's going.

Reddit | SpicyChair

People cautiously approach the person saying "nice" over and over until they see the number and start doing it themselves.

It's like a cleverness virus.

10. If you can't relate to this, I'm happy for you. Because if there's a better metaphor for overthinking and making things worse by apologizing, I don't know it.

Reddit | Sibqq

I wouldn't be surprised if they were saying sorry about something unrelated, and added "about your wall" after.

11. Huh. I guess having two different problems isn't so bad when you can use one of them to solve the other. 

Reddit | nydjason

The burden of being responsible for an empty drink tray gets a little lighter when it makes the sun's rays feel dimmer.

12. Wow, it's not often that we get such an easy way to communicate how totally screwed we are.

Reddit | sinyanmei92

Yeah, that's about the only silver lining I can think of if you're on a plane that seems really excited about heading to Bikini Bottom.

13. Well, I'm sure this was a deeply emotional moment, but I'm afraid that's all over now.

Reddit | Catric4

Mind you, if you can make people really feel the dramatic weight of your scene with a cat on your head, I think that automatically qualifies you for every award.

14. Aw man, you know this guy's gonna make a big show out of pouring all those coins out, too.

Instagram | Instagram

We should all get a sense of what it's like to work this kind of job, and everybody in this restaurant just got a crash course.

15. Haha, I think we might be in danger of the dogs getting a little too self-aware if this is already starting to happen.

Instagram | Instagram

They're only gonna stay as pure and precious for as long as they don't know how pure and precious they are.

Otherwise, they're just us with fur.

16. Aww, but Flo from those Progressive Insurance commercials was both upbeat and sassy! What did any of that really mean all this time?

Instagram | Instagram

I don't know what they did to this person, but nobody breaks out the scary red paint over a minor inconvenience, so it must be some serious business.

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