13+ Pics So Cool You'll Need A Minute

Okay, so here's what I do when I find something cool on the internet, which is often. I screenshot it, bookmark it, and then send it to basically everyone I text often...including my mom, even if she won't quite get it. I think that's how I spread the good stuff, you know?

So, I've made it a heck ton easier for you guys, and this is all the cool stuff in one place. Cool, eh?

1. If you ask me, helping kids out is ALWAYS cool, but an air guitar ups the cool factor, you know?

Reddit | Gytgh

I've never seen an air guitar being sold before for obvious reasons, but I think they nailed this so well. Rock on!

2. Love me a great package design 

Reddit | Highlife2tall

And that package design gets an A+ in my books when it happens to line up with the rest of the products. PLUS, this is adorable! I'd feel bad removing the head.

3. Granted, I do find this a little bit creepy. Like, full-on heebie-jeebies creepy

Reddit | keelanc2

Something about robots patrolling ANYTHING kind of freaks me out. I don't know, maybe I've just seen too many Will Smith movies.

4. I'm not saying this font is owned by one of the best TV shows ever, but it might as well be 

Reddit | DanOfMan1

I'd get the Law & Order theme stuck in my head ALL the time. Like, wake up, have breakfast, annnd DUH-DUHHH DADADADA-DAHHHHH.

5. How many times have you had a carton of eggs go bad?

Reddit | smshingsquashes

Okay, maybe I'm just bad at making sure I use up food, BUT, what I'm saying is that this is super helpful!!!

6. I have never checked under my hotel bed, but now I feel like I should start

Reddit | Propaply

But then I'll be oh-so-disappointed when I don't find a cute little note hiding.

7. I don't know WHY the wine section got the fancy flooring, but I am okay with it being fancy 

Reddit | Zeplinehord

Is it just because it's wine? Or is there a real reason why this is needed? WHO KNOWS!

8. The spork is so 2000-and-late 

Reddit | Hey_its_me_Frank

Like, come on, friends, get with the program. Clearly the spork is out and the chork is in. And I get the hype.

9. Not only is this wicked cool, but it's educational AF

Reddit | HostTel

Aka the best of both worlds. And I'm all for forcing people to see how much waste we create daily.

10. Hello, new house goals

Reddit | despawnerer

A house with a garage is whatever. But a house with a water garage?! That has got to be the coolest thing! AND you could swim out your front door...my dream.

11. An office made entirely out of shipping containers 

Reddit | jw2498

I have exactly zero clue if this is practical or anything, BUT it looks really cool and I feel like I would feel like I'm always in a fort.

12. It's just so pleasing to the eye that it can't be considered anything less than cool

Reddit | gap343

I've found many shells over the years, but never any that line up in size quite in the perfect way that these do.

13. I'm just a little bit jealous that I never had a tree fort growing up, and these pets are living the dream

Reddit | flower

Now the cats can enjoy the outdoor world, and safely, too!

14. Tell me this doesn't look like it was carved out of wood

Reddit | FarfalleForDays

This moth is SO bizarre to look at. I almost don't want to believe that it breathes and moves and stuff.

15. Some call this a paper jam, I call this art

Reddit | walfgongpuk420

This was the result of a printer jam, and let me tell ya, I have never had a paper jam turn out this pretty. Mine have always ended in tears and late assignments.

16. Now these are some symbols that I can get behind 

Reddit | valdesd4

Mostly because it would help me figure out how to say the name of the wine so that I could order another glass.

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