18+ Thrift Store Outfits We Can't Believe People Actually Upcycled

I know you might be afraid of the thrift store — with all of the smells and weird second-hand finds, you might think it's impossible to find anything nice to wear.

But you know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and once in a while, you'll hit the thrift store jackpot!

All you need is a little imagination and patience like these fine folks who have turned their second-hand finds into fashion gold.

1. This cheetah dress went from mom to bomb with just a few cuts and stitches. 

Instagram | @girlonthemoonn_

Instagram user @girlonthemoonn_ took a plain maxi dress and cut it up. By shortening the hem and adding straps, it became the ultimate summer slip dress. Easy and breezy!

2. You may need some embroidery skills to copy this look, but it's definitely cute! 

YouTube | bestdressed

A turtleneck t-shirt isn't everyone's cup of tea. So, if you find one like bestdressed did, simply cut off that turtleneck and embroider a cute design on for the final touch!

3. All this upcycle required was a pair of scissors and some imagination. 

Twitter | @EdgarDegoth

Tbh, Twitter user @EdgarDegoth looks flawless in both looks, but the short version is better for warm weather. All she did was snip to length and cuff the bottoms!

4. This snakeskin button up is for the rebel in you. 

Instagram | @rethreadedvintage

Rethreaded Vintage really outdid themselves with this thrift flip! This outfit is music festival-ready and truly one of a kind.

5. Scarves aren't just for your neck, you can wear them as tops, too! 

Instagram | @belieubear

Instagrammer @belieubear used a thrift store scarf and pair of paints to make a crop top! The pants were used as lining so that the scarf wasn't see-through. So adorbs.

6. Have a shirt that's oversized and boxy? No problem!

Instagram | @syddanel

You can make an awesome summer two-piece like @syddanel, who is truly a wizard with her sewing machine skills. You'll make all of your friends jealous with this 'fit.

7. Off-the-shoulder anything is so in right now. But instead of splurging, go the thrifted route! 

YouTube | Emily Elizabeth

The best part about this project is that it requires no sewing. Emily Elizabeth took this really old blouse (seriously — it had shoulder pads in it) and made it modern by tying it up and wearing it off-the-shoulder.

8. A maxi kimono is great for taking any casual outfit up a notch. 

YouTube | TheSorryGirls

TheSorryGirls found this interesting, floral print dress at the thrift shop. With some cuts and stitches, it became a beautiful kimono! Perfect for layering on top of any outfit.

9. Update those shorts in your wardrobe, girl! 

YouTube | Sarah Betts

Take a basic pair of denim shorts and add a personal touch by adding some fun fabric to the pockets. This no-sew look by YouTuber Sarah Betts is as easy as it is cute.

10. A rock princess needs a rock 'n' roll wardrobe! Here's how you can deal with those too-big band tees.

YouTube | Haley's Corner

Those oversized band t-shirts are great to sleep in, but they aren't always the most flattering. The solution? Just lower the neckline and let it sit off the shoulders like Hailey's Corner!

11. I love a long, wide-leg pant, but if you're a short gal, they're hard to wear day-to-day. 

YouTube | Abby Edwards

Don't fret, though! Just follow this tip from Abby Edwards. She cut the long pants a little shorter to make a cute pair of culottes.

12. Plain tees are super easy to find at any thrift store. Here's a way to spice them up. 

YouTube | JENerationDIY

Just tape some lines and paint a few stripes on the front like YouTuber JenerationDIY. Then, tie up the bottom, and voila! A new look for those casual days.

13. Now here's a super unique look.

YouTube | Mia Maples

Mia Maples found a very long and wide dress in a pattern she liked, so she came up with this idea for a two-piece. Why go see a sunset when you can just wear one, amirite?

14. This dress is giving me total '90s vibes. 

Instagram | @belieubear

Are you really going to wear that long button up dress? It has no shape, so probably not. Instagrammer @belieubear made it wearable again by shortening it and changing the straps.

15. From gym pants to hype bae, I am so here for this thrift flip. 

Twitter | @TytiaunaG

If you're like me, Adidas is everything. Twitter user @TytiaunaG turned a thrifted pair of Adidas pants into a one of a kind two-piece that looks expensive AF.

16. This is what I like to call a thrift win!

YouTube | ThreadsObsessed

If I've learned anything, it's that two pieces are so hot right now. ThreadsObsessed turned a pair of old floral pants into the cutest pair of shorts and a crop top! Hold on Hawaii, I'm coming!

17. I'm seriously obsessed with this blush jacket! 

Instagram | @ocgoodwill

This dress might have been all the rage in the '80s, but today, it's just not OK.

Never in a million years did I think it could be fashionable again, but YouTuber April really improved this Goodwill find.

18. Who says you have to thrift flip an outfit into another outfit? Why not make a bathing suit instead? 

Instagram | @ocgoodwill

This Goodwill flip has won my heart! Who would have thought of turning an old dress into a bathing suit? And it works as a bodysuit, too.

19. Urban Outfitters thrift flip challenge? No problem!

YouTube | TheSorryGirls

After finding a picture of an outfit online, TheSorryGirls challenged themselves to copy it. Spoiler alert — they totally accomplished it. Just like the store, but cheaper!

20. The good news is that you won't run into anyone else wearing this! 

YouTube | Nava Rose

Nava Rose came out with a major win here. This large button up just became the coolest button up skirt and crop top!

21. Lace tops are so cute for the summertime.

Instagram | @coolirpa

April turned this unflattering paneled lace top into a cool and trendy off-the-shoulder crop top.

I love this!

22. Sometimes a subtle thriftflip can make the biggest difference.

YouTube | Carrie Dayton

YouTuber Carrie Dayton gave this baseball tee the revamp it needed by simply cutting the front of it to add some cute ties.

23. Gingham skirts are timeless and always in style.

YouTube | bestdressed

YouTuber and social media inlfluencer bestdressed found a cool way to add a little flare to the pattern — she added a zipper! And it can actually zip up if you don't want to leave it open.

So inventive!

24. Sometimes a vintage dress may completely catch your eye, but it doesn't fit quite right.

YouTube | Studio86

Vang Bao of YouTube duo Studio 86 cinched in the waist and bodice of this gorgeous vintage dress and removed the shoulder pads to salvage and modernize this amazing find.

25. It's safe to say that April is the queen of upcycling sad thrifted clothing.

Instagram | @coolirpa

She's basically a thriftflip magician.

She completely transformed this adorable powder blue floral dress into a modern tie dress fit for a night on the town!

26. This girl knew how amazing this pattern was and didn't want it to go to waste.

Instagram | @belieubear

She transformed this amazing floral pleated skirt into a fashionable fluttery-sleeved crop top.

I would 150% purchase this — I need it.

27. Thriftflips aren't just for the ladies!

Instagram | @coolirpa

Even though I think he pulls off the dress already, the plaid shirt that the skirt of the dress was created from suits him too.

28. You don't need to completely modernize vintage outfits.

YouTube | Studio86

I love how Sheng Vang of Studio 86 upcycled this oversized vintage two-piece to make it more summer ready.

This is serving me all the safari vibes, and I'm here for it.

29. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a modern wedding dress.

Instagram | @coolirpa

April is at it again and did some serious work on this vintage wedding dress. It's now fit for a modern fairy tale!