12+ Monsters Who Decided To Move Out From Under The Bed

It's no secret that nice people are hard to come by in this world. I mean, it's not like they don't exist. But you definitely don't hear about them as much as...well, the other kind of people.

That's who we're here for: the baddies, the jerks, and the people who just can't go through their day without making someone else's worse.

But hey — at least they're good for a laugh, right?

1. Wow. I mean, a quick call would've been OK, Karen. A text...anything else.

Reddit | Gray_S550

Some people don't have a heart at all. Other people do, but they like drawing in the sand, and I guess I can't fault them for that. Not sure which kind of person Karen is.

2. You know, I thought the last big debate that I would ever have over mac and cheese was "out of the box vs. baked." I was wrong.

AcidCow | AcidCow

I can't believe that it's 2018 and someone thought they could get away with this.

3. I'm not sure who's worse: the manufacturer or the person who ordered this attempt at toilet paper.

Reddit | bootstrap15

Honestly, if you can see your hand through it...well, I bet you can imagine what else is gonna make skin contact before you're done wiping.

4. Wow. I can only imagine the pain and rage I would feel if someone toyed with my love of pizza to this extent.

Reddit | ursvp

I mean, sure, I might wonder why the dude opened the box at my door. But when pizza's involved, I stop thinking.

5. Ugh. The absolute worst way to travel is sitting in front of a human landfill.

If only travel rage let me flap my arms fast enough to never get on a plane again.

6. Yikes. This is the moment when you realize you should've been nicer during the shoot.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

"Who should be cut in two during the final layout? Oh, no problem. Becky, your time has come."

7. OK, I'm not saying that this isn't brilliant, but that's why the term "evil genius" exists.

AcidCow | AcidCow

But I'm pretty sure this violates the Geneva Convention somehow. International law matters, people.

See, this is why it's always important to think one step ahead.

It might seem weird to bring your own slice to a pizza party, but when there are evil geniuses around, you've gotta be prepared.

8. There are two ways this goes down. Either it's a "don't drink and drive" statement that comes dangerously close to missing the point...

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

...or somebody really annoyed the bartender at work.

9. Wow...just wow. I have the bad habit of watering down my almost-done soap, but I never thought I'd have to do it when I got the Value Refill.

Reddit | SecondNad

Wait..."refill." Oh, you scoundrels.

10. *slaps top* You can fit so many distressed children in this baby.

AcidCow | AcidCow

Seriously, though, it's a bit harsh, no? I think the wood over the end says it all, even for kids to figure out.

I don't even like kids. I'm really more concerned about the other playground visitors who are gonna miss out.

And I don't mean drunk teenagers. I mean our four-legged fur friends, of course.

11. My love of food is really being tested today. Not by the food, but by the fiends who are preparing it.

Reddit | Dygyty

I don't blame you, sandwich, and I never will. You did your best.

12. We all knew cats were monsters. They're cute and all, but take that away, and they are furry whirlwinds of teeth, fangs, and knocking stuff off of tables for fun.

The Chive | The Chive

He should've known this already.

13. How dare you. There's a sacred bond between customers and drink machines that you have betrayed here today.

AcidCow | AcidCow

Ever taken a gulp out of a cup expecting milk and you got orange juice? It's a pain that never leaves you.

14. It's important to remember that not all monsters are evil. Some of them don't even realize what they're doing.

Reddit | CheesyMemez

I guess. Look in her eyes, though. She knows she's gotten away with it.

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