15+ People Who Must Be Thinking, 'Fine, I See How It Is'

If somebody steps on your shoes and doesn't apologize, then whatever — you met your jerk for the day. But if somebody tap-dances all over them and nobody else even notices, that's when it's pretty much impossible not to catch some feelings about it.

Like, apparently everybody but you got the memo that today was "everybody gets to disrespect you" day.

And if you're lucky enough to not remember a day like that, just keep these poor folks and their struggles in mind.

1. When even the dogs are taking shots at you, it's hard not to think back and try to remember everybody you've ever upset.

Instagram | Instagram

After all, one of them must have been a wizard, and the only way to break the curse is to find them again.

2. In case you don't appreciate how much this sucks, the poor soul in there almost grabbed it only for it to roll away further.

Reddit | xconde

I'm not sure what kind of prideful stuff we've been saying if "Pick your sheets off the floor, you mutt!" seems appropriate.

3. I'm not sure who we're mad at here, but whichever car got there first is definitely being disrespected right now.

Reddit | AdmiralLobstero

"Oh, that's cool. Everybody else gets to fill their space without incident, but I have to wait for your ridiculous self to come back?"

That might backfire.

4. Yeah, that's the problem with those mini-Reese's Cups. The wrapper is a lot more clingy than the confident ones on the full-sized cups.

Reddit | kyles15

Well, at least we know that the peanut butter in them looks like a little bale of hay. That's something, right?

Yeah, not helping.

5. Unless their last date ended with this guy tying Samantha to railroad tracks and twirling his mustache, I don't why "Sorry, I can't make it!" was so impossible.

Instagram | @will_ent

And wow, is that last text cold enough to turn the homie into Mr. Freeze or what? Yikes...

6. Hmmm, I imagine they're gonna change this sign sometime after the fourth angry husband storms in.

Reddit | MomoTheFarmer

Some folks get really serious about things when it comes to this stuff, but frankly, I'd rather just make it say, "Your bum is fart" or something equally mature.

7. Aw, man, I can't imagine how heartbreaking it feels when the boss texts you this and says you have to redo the cement job.

Reddit | Squidpert

This person might have been prepared for kids on skateboards and people writing their names, but nobody trains you for donkey rampages.

8. It's not enough that the wheelbarrow broke and got dirt everywhere, but it had to force some unfortunate soul to drain their pool, too.

Reddit | wheeledcat

Like, does life get extra points for the maximum amount of inconvenience it can cause or something? What does it gain from this?

9. It's hot inside of that head, so Minnie must really be heartbroken if she's still keeping it on and looking straight ahead.

Reddit | CrawlingOnMyCrawn

Look, girl, you don't need that two-timing, squeaky-voiced little punk anyway. Just give Goofy a call. He'll give you the respect you deserve.

10. I'm not sure I even want to know what kind of sadist designs a plate like this.

Reddit | in1987agodwasborn

At least when it's pizza-themed, they have the courtesy to make the whole thing look like pizza so there's no confusion — not like this future Frisbee.

11. I'll admit that, in a way, it's kind of clever for the mosquitoes to hit us when we're at our most vulnerable like this.

Reddit | scride773

But I still can't deny that it makes me wanna bathe the world in pesticides. They're lucky we care about bees, man.

12. It's kinda hard to call this disrespectful because the poor little Roomba really does try its best. 

Reddit | zealen

So instead, I'll say the people who make it are disrespecting us because, bless the little vacuum's nonexistent heart, it's still as dumb as it was on day one.

13. Oh, so they thought they could just get our hopes up and not actually give us a sale huh?

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

Look, I don't care how fresh these shoes are. I can't pay for it with lies, so they can't sell it to me that way.

Get outta here.

14. You'd think they would take the hint that people don't wanna be spied on, but I guess this solution works too.

Reddit | jakortnut

I mean, it won't stop people from throwing rocks at the camera, but it'll feel like more of an achievement when they hit it.

That's something.

15. Haha, construction crews are tearing my city up as we speak, so I know this struggle well.

Reddit | Maliniag

Hopefully, whoever drew this just lets this path forward stay imaginary. Because if they try pole-vaulting over this, it's probably not gonna end well.

16. If this is the only photo this guy appears in, I think it's safe to say the photographer's got beef with him.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

Especially if they found a way to crop this poor soul out of every group shot.

Did the photographer want his parking spot or something?

17. It's a pretty hard road to walk when you feel like even the sun is disrespecting you.

Instagram | @nochill

I can almost hear that smug Mr. Sun chuckling as he tells this person to just stay outside for a while. Yeah, we're not falling for that again, sunburn king.

18. I can almost hear the pettiness coming out of this sign. I can only imagine the look that whoever made it is giving everybody tomorrow.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Now, they're gonna lie awake at night trying to figure out how to give their employees detention, since they've already tried suspension.

19. I think it's a pretty safe bet that the kid who reported this is the same one who reminds the teacher that they had homework.

Instagram | @bruhifunny

So, congratulations to the bold defender of academic integrity. While they're around, nobody's hustle will apparently be respected.

I can't condone that.

20. Yeah, that's one of the hard things about the internet. You take one awkward photo and the internet spends about a month reminding you of it. 

Instagram | @will_ent

At least this time, the photo editors have got her doing something cool. The next victim won't be nearly as lucky.

21. OK, I've seen urban planners hate on cyclists before, but it's hard to see this as anything but actively setting a trap. 

Reddit | cinephile46

Imagine if they put in spike strips that only went up as soon as rush hour hit. That's what this grate is.

22. OK, I get that the aliens don't want to visit us because they have a great view of how scary and dumb we can be, but this is getting a little immature.

Twitter | @scixpmas

I bet if we open that satellite up, we'll get roasted via hologram.

23. Oh, come on. She tries to meet this dude halfway and dress up like his favorite character, and he still does her dirty like this?

Reddit | daria_arbuz

For anyone who ever had a problem with "Irreplaceable," just imagine that Beyoncé's talking to this guy. It fits pretty well, huh?

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