16 People Who Yet Again Proved That Online Shopping Can't Be Trusted

By now, I think we all know that online shopping is a dangerous game. You can read the reviews, count the stars, and take all the right measurements, but it's still a complete gamble. Sometimes, you just never know what you're going to end up with.

On the bright side, at least we can laugh along and learn from these mistakes.

1. This person wanted to order a Champion sweatshirt on eBay.


Instead, what they received was a Hanes sweater with a Champion logo glued on.

I want to say that at least nobody would be able to tell once the sweater is on, but even that logo looks shady.

2. Ordering a dress with slits is always a bit of a gamble. 

Instagram | @keane_as

But I mean, come on.

You should at least be able to expect that it doesn't go all the way up your body. Let us leave something to the imagination, thanks.

3. There are so many issues with this dress — I don't know where to begin.

Instagram | @funnydays65

But the cut is all wrong (just look at the neckline), plus it's obviously three sizes too small.

I think if I ordered this and saw what was delivered to me, I'd take pleasure in burning it.

4. This dress company must use knockoff mannequins to help shape their ridiculously out-of-proportion clothing. 

Instagram | @funnydays65

Or recycled refrigerator boxes. That would explain a lot.

Let's hope that this girl at least got a refund, though something tells me she did not.

5. The material that this dress is made out if is clearly the problem here.

Instagram | @suzicarr

I mean, you can't twirl the fabric through the air like some sort of beach goddess at all, and that's a real tragedy.

6. This girl claimed that she saw advertisements for this sweater all over Instagram and finally caved and bought it.

Instagram | @rvchickadee

Unfortunately, it was a completely and total disaster.

Let this be a lesson to you all about social media advertisements.

7. Before you buy anything online, it's important to check the measurements ahead of time.

Instagram | @pamcakes316

But honestly, sometimes these companies straight up lie to you about how big or small something is, and you wind up with this tiny excuse for a blanket.

8. I know it might be tempting to save thousands of dollars and buy your wedding dress online.

Instagram | @byninacherie

But no matter how you slice it, this is almost always a bad idea.

Especially for such an important occasion, just try it on in person.

9. To be honest, online shopping is the reason why I have trust issues.

Instagram | @kells_advice

Obviously, these companies are ripping off designer dresses and making their own versions, but these poor shoppers just never stood a chance.

10. At least some people have a sense of humor about it all.

Reddit | beroemd

Like this person who put their online shopping fail on their cat and then wrote an iconic review about it.

11. Again with the wedding dresses.

Reddit | maya_gaspar

This one is extra hilarious because it showed up in a horrible shade of green that should really never see the light of day again.

12. This person tried to get a little spicy with their wardrobe.

Reddit | sarah_wonderlandss

And it actually breaks my heart to see how hard their plan crashed and burned. It had so much potential.

13. This outfit would have been so adorable if only it had fit properly.

Reddit | abrahamlinc0ln

Maybe a few sizes up would have done the trick, but like we said before, you can check the size and do everything right, and you still end up with a hot mess.

14. This company didn't even try to send out a pair of sunglasses that looked somewhat similar.

Reddit | turkturksammy

I'm willing to bet that if they ordered through Amazon, they could return them, which is a silver lining.

15. This person tried ordering jeans from Asos and apparently got his order mixed up with a giraffe's.

Instagram | @mizz_yewneekone

I mean, who even is this slender and tall? It's inhuman!

But again, their mix-up is our entertainment.

16. All this person wanted was a cute pair of blue joggers.

Reddit | harley_g00d

What they received is something much, much better.

No, really, what kind of strange shoe hybrid are these? Inquiring minds want to know.