15+ Pics That Give Me All The Wrong Feels

I have a lot of feelings all the time, and for the most part, they are good feelings. They're mostly about food, but that's another chat to have at a different time.

But these photos give me the wrong feels. Like, not bad, just more like icky, heebie-jeebies–type feels. Are you ready for them?

1. I cannot speak honestly about how tiresome it must be to pee standing up, especially when intoxicated, but a pillow in the bathroom?

Reddit | justophicles

Why does that just make me feel uncomfortable? As an idea, it's okay, but should it have reaaaally happened?

2. Someone out there made this sign, and they have a morbid sense of humor that I can't help but appreciate

Reddit | BBrown4733

Or they're completely clueless and just wanted to make a sign, and I'm the morbid one.

3. I am basically known for being bad at geography. Like, really, really bad 

Reddit | KhanofLegend

But even I know that there are quite a few errors in what otherwise looks like a beautiful map. I'm totally fine if we go with "Australasia"* from now on, though.

*Note: Turns out Australasia is a real thing. And I am still bad at geography.

4. I'm all for you decorating your house any which way you want, but you cannot tell me this leaf THING isn't creepy as heck

Reddit | pirasosa

Look at it! Peering out at you with a creepy little grin...my instinct is to burn it.

5. I know that spider webs are a thing and it's nature or whatever, but a spider web that is 5 feet wide? NO, THANK YOU

Reddit | starfishorseastar

If you walked through this, you would be covered in webs for WEEKS.

6. I never knew that anything but brown coconuts existed, and the white one just looks...off

Reddit | Gunga_Din

Like, I'm sure it tastes just as good and it's what's on the inside that counts.


Reddit | BohsNOhs

I would still eat it, without a doubt, but I would be bitter about it.

8. Something about any type of food expanding in liquid is not okay with me

Reddit | lottiereddit

I think that maybe this wouldn't happen in your stomach because of acids and such, but still. Freaky.

9. I'm all for cute little motivational stickers, but placement is so key

Reddit | lilmojett

And this placement is everything that is questionable in this world. Maybe that's when you need to hear it most?

10. While this looks like a normal water bottle, there is something missing from it that slightly blows my mind

Reddit | [deleted]

No, not the label. The air bubbles... HOW MUCH WATER IS IN THAT THING?

11. This was the mark left on the wall after someone sat in the same place always for like, a really long time

Reddit | jonnyb253

I have never seen anything like that and refuse to believe that this was actually made by a human.

12. The poor soul who posted this said that it was their closest train and that they needed to move

Reddit | timmah11

And to be honest, I can't really blame them for feeling that way.

13. I turned this picture to my desk neighbor (who also gave me this fire title), and she took way too long trying to see Michael's face

Twitter | @MarHimself

Just say it really, really fast and you'll get it. And then cringe like I did.

14. I've never wanted to crunch on something so badly in maybe my whole life

Reddit | indy_110

I'm pretty clueless as to why this was created in the first place, but I'm not exactly mad about it.

15. Something about how these carrots are so in love makes my eye twitch

Reddit | Carter_JD

Okay, they're not in love, I know. But there's just so much touching!

16. Hello, meet my new BFF

Instagram | @kalesalad

I know you're not supposed to cuddle giant caterpillars, but that's all I want to do with this little big guy.

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