13+ People Who Got It So Wrong It's Hilarious

Nobody's perfect — in fact, some of the less perfect people can be caught saying, "pobody's nerfect," like that's some kind of brand new joke, smh.

Well, regardless of my comedy elitism, a big mistake is always funny. So today, we've gathered up a ton of moments where people made facepalm-level messes. Check it out!

1. Maybe I'm being too skeptical here, but I...I just don't believe them.

Reddit | snuggleMcCuddles

Seriously, how do you go from looking like the lead singer of Smash Mouth in ninth grade to super fit Frozone with an afro?

2. Yeah, that would've been quite the deal alright. 

Reddit | Cindershoes40

What are you talking about, "and a few people" here?! Did you really think these were "to scale" houses and full-grown people — all for the low, low price of 15 freakin' dollars?!

3. Woof.

Reddit | fcbRNkat

That's a mistake that took some time to come to fruition — but I don't know what you do at that point. Do you keep the bear around and just keep telling people it's your dog, no matter what?

4. Oh, so you must've taken this photo the old-fashioned way, huh?

Reddit | HeyoSlick

They set up one of those old-timey cameras with the sheet cover and exploding light bulb thing, right? Then just colorized and wrote on the picture? No...none of that happened.

5. What is the POINT?!

Reddit | tanlerst

That's like having a skate park with a strict "no skateboarding" policy. Or an all-you-can-eat restaurant that doesn't serve you any food, and the waiter just punches you in the face.

6. This one's a mild ride.

Reddit | Applesauce43

I can understand mixing up "escalator" with "elevator" — I really can — but not being able to just walk down the stairs? I don't get it.

7. The most useless magic item in the dungeon. 

Reddit | britkev1

Behold! The mirror of proportional change! The shape can switch from rectangle to a square, which is impossible, sure, but it's also impractical...great.

8. Again, I just don't know how you mix that up so bad.

Reddit | wannafistfight

That's about as good as saying, "Move aside, Wolf Blitzer, my new favorite fish is Lego."

9. That awkward moment when the rumors of your death have been greatly exaggerated. 

Reddit | fireball987

I mean, he is a master of horror, maybe he's actually back from the dead? Spooky.

10. Rows, girl. Cornrows.

Me.me | Me.me

Corn rolls is a whole other hairstyle where you pin it in place, use a setting spray, and leave a cob of corn in your hair overnight. In the morning, just add butter and salt.

11. I can't quite put those pieces together.

Reddit | musland

And, unfortunately enough for them, neither can they — ever. I mean, technically some of it can fit, but who are we tryin' to fool here?

12. "When you're the only one in the club that takes the words 'NEON Rave' seriously..."

Reddit | hurricane4

Boy, is his face red...I mean, green and yellow, mostly. He was definitely the highlight of the night.

13. Cereal is canceled for the rest of the year, sorry.

Reddit | cherryblossomXX

Look, I don't actually care about how you eat your food...unless you eat cereal like this, you complete maniac!

14. Great, they can ruin watermelon too.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

You can't improve on nature, people! Well, except for the banana, and water purification, and really the countless other ways we've improved on nature.

15. Yo, what happened? 

Reddit | CMS3021

Did someone decide to have a bubble bath in the fountain? Did the Ghostbusters melt down a giant marshmallow man here? Will this just grow until it consumes us all?!

16. And, of course, when you underestimate just how much kick these things have.

AcidCow | AcidCow

You're in for the most wild three-second ride of your life with this guy in the driver's seat.

17. Now those matching puzzle piece tattoos don't look so bad.

Reddit | Exp10510n

Remember when you were young and pentagrams were edgy and cool? Maybe this will start a new fad to make religious symbols all the rage?

18. That's, um, not how flu shots work, not at all.

Reddit | Vinccool96

Your word of the day is "credulous," which Webster's defines as "ready to believe especially on slight or uncertain evidence."

19. I'm not sure my palm has ever hit my face so hard.

Reddit | ineedanswersss15

At least she's not trying to blame a flu shot, amirite? No, wait, this is much, much worse.

20. Not sure if this local weatherman lost a bet or if he parked in his cameraman's spot that day.

Reddit | m006098s

I just hope those are at least actual shorts and not boxers.

21. Not to worry guys, somebody did the research for you.

Reddit | Dman603

I mean, thank goodness they put a disclaimer on there so nobody has to see what happens for themselves now.

22. Maybe social media isn't the best place to ask that question.

Reddit | JustSandwich

A master criminal this person is not. Maybe give up the five finger discount life along with the twitter account.

23. To be fair, I've done the same thing with the TV remote after switching to decaf.

Reddit | basshead541

I'm sure she just thought it was like preheating an oven. And hey, at least freezer bags do technically go in the freezer!

24. Hey, magnetized cookies would be awesome.

Reddit | Frizzlenuts

Until you actually bite into them and get a mouthful of magnet, of course. But in theory, magnetic cookies could be the future of snacking.

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