14+ Heartwarming Pics That Sent Us On A Feels Trip

I don't know about you, but I never get tired of hearing about people being good to other people or people persevering through difficulties, or just folks who want to make the world a better place however they can.

Maybe it's corny, but I think we could all use a little heartwarming news from time to time. Which is not to say that our hearts are constantly cold and unfeeling, but the world sure can be. It is our hearts, working together, that heat it up.

1. To make sure his grandmother, who has dementia, stays hydrated, Lewis Hornby created Jelly Drops, which look like candy treats but contain 90% water.

James Dyson Award | James Dyson Award

Because drinking can be more difficult than eating for people with dementia, this is a great way to help patients get enough water.

2. When this little girl got separated from her parents, this mom took charge to make sure she got reunited with her folks.

Reddit | mpicc_

You can't stop a mom from being a mom, and why would you even want to?

3. This teacher decided to alleviate some of the homework burden for her students, preferring they use their time at home for things like eating dinner as a family and reading together.

Reddit | El_Torito23

Things that, she says, "are proven to correlate with student success."

4. When hospital staff were too busy to treat a neglected baby, this police officer took matters into her own hands and breastfed the child.

Twitter | @delphiegray1

Again, moms are going to step up in a crisis because they are the best.

5. "I just turned thirty years old and have mixed feelings about it. My younger brother sent me this care package," wrote Reddit user le_furch.

Reddit | le_furch

Hey, milestone birthdays can be a big deal, so it's nice to know your family cares.

6. After years of living on the streets, a police officer helped this man by getting him a shave and some fresh clothes before his interview.

Reddit | JAlbert653

And he landed the job!

7. After two months in a coma, this kid's first action was to reach for his favorite toy, a dinosaur.

Reddit | ChewbaccaOnFire

Those sorts of touchstones can be so important when recovering from a serious health event. Here's hoping this kid keeps getting better and better!

8. As a nervous flyer myself, I can totally empathize with this lady who needed to hold a stranger's hand throughout a flight.

Reddit | justlooking250

And such a nice gesture of that stranger to provide a helping hand for comfort!

9. The joyous anticipation is as thick as it gets, seeing this man waiting to surprise someone special with flowers at the airport.

Reddit | End3v

Is there any better feeling than being reunited with the one you love?

10. When a driver heard a faint meowing they couldn't quite identify, a mechanic removed the bumper to find a stray kitten hidden away.

Reddit | 81PBNJ

And the mechanic happily gave the kitty a new home.

11. During devastating flooding in India's Kerala region, people often had to flee their homes with whatever they could carry.

Reddit | KlatchianCamel

And of course they did whatever they had to to keep their families together — including furry friends.

12. Seeing this girl chin-deep in flood waters with her best friend in a bowl on her head, you just know how determined she was to keep her pet safe.

Reddit | cattleherderhooman

My heart goes out to everyone affected.

13. After a rainy night, a camper found this drenched mouse under his tent and gave it a scrap of bread to make a friend.

Reddit | artichokedip69

And after cleaning it up, the mouse curled up in his palm for a nap.

14. Corrections officials kindly allowed this inmate to visit with his mother after she had to enter hospice care.

Facebook | Sonoma Sheriff

The sheriffs who transported him called it "a beautiful, special moment. One we won't soon forget."

15. "I refused to ship my mother's ashes. So, on his way back from a cross-country trip from AZ to NY, my sister's uncle stopped here in VA, picked up some of her ashes, and took them to my grandpa for a burial ceremony. She made it home safely."

Reddit | PrincessFishy

Now that's a heartwarming mission!

16. "I was going through a hard time lately, my friend 11,000 kilometers away decided to buy me a burger for dinner," wrote Reddit user McFluffigins. "It's the small things that count."

Reddit | McFluffigins

That's how you know you've got good friends!