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Giant Mixed Drink Dispensers Are A Thing And They Are Pool Party Perfect

Listen up folks: summer is here and that means our lives are about to be graced with the beauty that is aesthetically pleasing mixed drinks.

Who made the rule that glorious, refreshing, inciting mixed drinks have to be like 8 bucks or more? Who decided that? Can we boycott?

We have the thirst, but we certainly don't have the cash.

Mason jar mixed drinks are the aesthetic rulers of the kingdom.


Everyone wants that glass-jar-paper-straw-fresh-fruit-Instagram-worthy drink by their side when they're basking under the warm sun.

But of course, there are sooo many items to buy to make the whole thing come together. Jars; fruit; straws; mint; mixed drink ingredients; alcohol—wasn't this supposed to be relaxing?

Don't worry my friends— Sam's Club has got you covered.

Sam's Club

Sam's Club just released gallon sized mason jar mixed drink dispensers that come pre-packaged with everything you need sans alcohol. A whole gallon.

Did I mention they're a gallon? I'll mention it again just in case. A GALLON.

So far they're available in Tiki Punch and Hard Lemonade flavors.

All you need is either vodka or rum and voila! You've got yourself a gallon of mixed drinks.

Perfect for a pool party! Perfect for a going away party! Perfect for a "Brad cheated on me with my best friend and now they're official on Instagram and he keeps viewing my Insta stories you know I can see those right Brad?" party!

The dispenser serves a whopping eighteen people.

Instagram | @smokehousenew

And here's the kicker: it's only $14.

I know right???

The dispenser is also easy to wash for as many uses as you'd like! We stan an environmentally friendly product.

I'm beyond ready.

Instagram | @samsclub

The mason jar mixed drink dispensers are available for purchase on the Sam's Club website, and I don't know about you, but I'm ready to take my summer to the next level.

h/t: Insider