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Keanu Reeves Doesn't Touch Female Fans For Pictures To Make Them Feel More Comfortable

Keanu Reeves stole the hearts of us all long ago.

Between The Matrix, the romcoms, and John Wick, there's nothing he can't do.

He also happens to be the sweetest man on the planet apparently.

Recently, Keanu has been in the spotlight more than usual.

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Which for Keanu fans was a breath of fresh air, since he'd been in the dark for a few years now.

But this year, his third installment of 'John Wick' came out.

Legendary Entertainment

If you haven't seen it: go see it now.

It's so worth the ten dollars.

And his appearance in 'Always be my Maybe', is ICONIC!


Keanu Reeves walking in slow-mo to an amazing song?

I need a two-hour movie of just that, tbh.

Just recently, he won the hearts of gamers everywhere.

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During a trailer for the game Cyberpunk 2077 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, which is the world's top video game conference, audiences went wild when a character knelt down and revealed himself as being played by none other than Keanu Reeves.

It got better when Keanu walked out on stage himself.

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He was incredibly charming, and when an audience member yelled to him, "you're breathtaking!" (hard same, audience member), he pointed at them and replied, "You're breathtaking!"

What a gentleman!

We also know that he's basically the nicest person in the world.

He donates to charities, he sits with homeless people, and can't take a compliment.

But now something new has come out about him, and the internet loves him even more.

And this time? It's about his respect for women.

He makes sure that he doesn't make his female fans uncomfortable.

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He keeps a respectful distance, allowing the women to feel at ease.

The only physical contact is contact initiated by the woman in the picture.

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Some people call this the 'hover-hand', but when you get asked for as many pictures as Keanu probably does, it's a great strategy to make sure everyone's comfortable.

No matter the situation, Keanu doesn't slip.

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Here, Keanu is posing with multiple women, and he manages to successfully keep a respectful distance from both of them without coming off stiff or awkward. Can somebody teach me this technique?

Even celebrities don't get their personal space encroached upon.

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Here Keanu is avoiding an uncomfortable back touch with the legendary Dolly Parton, who might just have to write a sequel to "Jolene" called "Keanu."

Sure, some people might make fun of him for it, but most people think it's adorable.

If you click on the Tweet, you can see all four photos in one spot, and read everyone's responses to this newly noticed phenomenon.

Conclusion: Keanu Reeves is still the internet's favorite person.

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And we literally can't blame anyone for loving him so much.

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