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6+ Beautiful Photos Of LGBTQ+ Parents Welcoming Their Children To The World

Welcoming a new baby into the family is an extremely surreal moment and one that is often hard to put into words.

These beautiful photos capture that emotional instant that LGBTQ+ parents met their children for the first time.

Whether they used a surrogate, went through the adoption process, or gave birth themselves, each of these families has their own unique story of love told through these shots.

These moms look so happy to meet their little girl.

It looks like they're getting some quality skin-to-skin time in there with their newborn. Congrats to this happy family!

This beautiful photo captures a home water birth.

Every birth is unique, similar to how every family is unique. At the end of the day, all that matters is the love.

Family portrait

It looks like everyone is all smiles in this adorable family photo... even if one of these drifted off to sleep in the middle of the shot.

A father meeting his son.

Alex is a transgender man who recently welcomed his first son. "He is the sweetest most beautiful boy ever and being a dad with a now 3-month-old is amazing,” he said.

Welcoming their baby girl

New dads Carlos and Oscar became the parents of a baby girl with the help of a surrogate.

"We always knew we wanted to be parents … Sofia came into the world on April 2, after a long natural labor. We saw her hairy head coming and it was incredible! We all had tears of happiness," they said.

Newborn cuddles are the best.

There's nothing better than getting those snuggles in with a newborn, and don't even get me started on how good they smell. This happy family seems to be just soaking it all in.

You gotta get in all the smooches you can, because life is going to get super hectic and crazy for the next while.

And she just went through nine months of pregnancy, labor, and a birth, so she totally deserves some affection after all that!

The first feed.

Both of these dads are getting the hang of feeding their little one for the first time. These really are the most precious moments.

Bringing baby home.

Finally getting to bring your bundle of joy home after days in the hospital is such an exciting time. It definitely deserves a cute photo op!

Serene moments.

Your baby may either come out screaming or sleeping, but there are still moments of serenity and calm with your loved one in the hospital after the birth. This is such a special moment to share with one another.

Time for a selfie.

In the late 2010's, when we're excited about something, we take a selfie with whatever it is. And this case, it's the birth of a new baby.

Every new parent needs at least one hospital selfie for The Gram.

Welcoming twins.

"The first moment I held both Rowan and Clyde together for the first time and my heart melted and fell into a million tiny little pieces."

Tearing up reading that sweet message!

Sharing this moment together.

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Life is now about your little one to love and care for. I love the embrace of both partner and baby here.

It's such a sweet photo!

You gotta go all out.

Sometimes, birthing a child just deserves some balloons and streamers for the cutest little photo op for The Gram and for memories to carry forward.

I'm pretty jealous. I wish I had a picture of me as a newborn with fun streamers!

Capturing the instant they became new dads.

"We were excited, confused, emotional, terrified. We were trying to digest that this is real and that our lives are changing forever," they said. Awww! It's true, becoming a new parent is exactly like that.

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