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Amy Schumer Poses In Her 'Hospital Underwear' To Celebrate Five Weeks Of Motherhood

While I am personally glad to be done with the newborn stage, there are a few things I miss about it, like those really awesome mesh panties.

This absorbent underwear is usually given to new moms to help with postpartum bleeding... and they are really comfortable.

Well, it looks like Amy Schumer is a huge fan of them, too! She staged an awesome Instagram tribute to these panties to celebrate getting to five weeks of motherhood.

Since becoming a mom, Amy Schumer has been sharing all the real and vulnerable moments of motherhood with fans.

She's been using her trademark humor to shed light on some important issues new moms face, and we'll never say no to seeing new photos of little Gene!

For Amy, nothing is ever off limits.

Not even this postpartum bathroom photo from her hospital room. I hope you remembered your peri bottle, Amy!

Or this incredibly real photo of her pumping breastmilk.

This is motherhood summed up in one photo. Usually, it's not Instagram-worthy or glamorous but it's refreshing to see photos like this.

Amy didn't have the easiest pregnancy, as she dealt with hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe morning sickness.

Instagram | @amyschumer

She shared many photos on her Instagram of the reality of her condition.

Of course, she tried to stay light-hearted about the situation.

I'm sure when you're dealing with severe morning sickness, not getting sick for even a small stretch feels like a major accomplishment!

I swear, I don't think I left my bed for the first month of being a new mom.

It looks like Amy is planning on doing the same thing. Between cluster-feeding and trying to catch up on sleep, there's really no reason to leave the bed... except maybe to pee.

Anyways, it looks like Amy is just going to keep the postpartum updates coming as she shared this hilarious tribute to her mesh panties.

Instagram | @amyschumer

Amy shared this awesome photo of her out and about wearing just her mesh, postpartum panties and a bra. Love it!

If you've ever worn these, then you know that they are a real essential for new moms.

Instagram | @amyschumer

Amy captioned these photos, "5 weeks. Hospital underwear for life!" when she shared them on Instagram. Honestly, I'm sad I don't have mine anymore. They were soooo comfy.

Amy isn't the only new mother who thoroughly enjoys the comfort of these mesh panties.

Instagram | @sandracundari

Many commenters reminisced about how much they loved the bottoms.

This commenter loved them so much she asked for more to take home!

Online, other celeb moms applauded Amy for her funny and too-real photos.


Colleen Ballinger, Snooki, and Zoe Saldana were just a few of the celebs who commented with their support.

Model Tess Holliday also took the time to pen a heartfelt thank you note to Amy.

Instagram | @tessholliday

Tess is right. Amy is sharing a side of postpartum life that people, especially celebs, rarely talk about. Thank you, Amy! We can't wait to see your next post!