10+ Actors Who Were Fired From Projects For Strange Reasons

Have you ever been fired? Were you unsure of why exactly you were fired or were you fired for a strange reason? Were you angry?

Well, then you can sympathize with these next couple Hollywood actors!

Erinn Hayes


Erinn was suddenly and abruptly fired from Kevin Can Wait, for reasons that she doesn't even know.

She addressed the firing on Twitter, saying: “True, I’ve been let go from the show. Very sad, I had a great experience in season 1. Thank you for all the support from our wonderful fans.”

Leah Remini


Apparently, it was her loud and brash personality that got Leah Remini kicked off of The Talk.

She said on an episode of Howard Stern: “If I wanted to be on this kind of show, I needed to shut my mouth and do what my bosses tell me to do. I can’t do that.”

Shannen Doherty


There's a pretty good reason as to why this actress was kicked off of _ Beverly Hills, 90210_.

It was that she was constantly fighting with her other castmates.

Samantha Morton

Warner Bros.

Sure, she was there for the entire production of Her.

In fact, she was the voice of the A.I. that Scarlett Johansson is now famous for playing. So, what happened?

“Samantha was with us on set and was amazing. It was only in post-production, when we started editing, that we realized that what the character/movie needed was different from what Samantha and I had created together. So we recast and since then Scarlett has taken over that role,” the director explained in a statement.

Edward Norton


Remember 2008's The Incredible Hulk? Ever wonder why Norton never made it to The Avengers? Well, it was because he wanted too much creative control on the Hulk movie.

If you don't bend the knee to Marvel, they don't want any part of you.

Kal Penn


He went to work for Obama, which is a pretty noble cause.

However, if he wanted to be the future president's associate director of public engagement, he had to give up his role on House. So he did.

Thomas Gibson


We're going to re-enter the world of celebrities fighting with this one, folks. Apparently, the actor was canned from Criminal Minds because he assaulted a writer/producer.

Yeah... you really can't hit your boss if you wanna keep your job.

Ryan Gosling

Paramount Pictures

He was fired from the movie The Lovely Bones because apparently, he was too fat. I know, Ryan Gosling!

He did put on 60 pounds to "make himself look older". The director didn't think he did, so they cast Mark Wahlberg instead.

Megan Fox

DreamWorks Pictures

The adolescent boy in me really loved the Transformers movies, and Megan Fox was part of the reason.

However, she made some bad remarks about the director, so she was canned.

Suzanne Somers


It was fighting for equality that got this actress banned from Three's Company, as many women often do.

She wanted higher pay for women, the producers replied with "nay and goodbye" (paraphrasing).

Isaiah Washington


This guy was fired for a pretty decent reason. Actually, in most jobs, this would be a fireable offense.

Apparently, he lost his role on Grey' Anatomy because he used a gay slur when in an altercation with Patrick Dempsey.

Christian Bale


Everyone can agree that Christian Bale absolutely nailed it in American Psycho.

But he was almost let go because Leonardo DiCaprio became available. But, he was persistent and worked hard, then eventually regained his leading role.

Lisa Bonet


It was because she stood up to her on-screen father Bill Cosby that Lisa Bonet was axed from the Cosby Show spinoff, entitled A Different World.

Selma Blair


There are a bunch of rumors going around as to why Selma Blair was let go from the Charlie Sheen TV Show: _ Anger Management_.

Some say it was because of Sheen's inability or reluctance to learn his lines, and that she stood up to him.

Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway was once meant to be in Knocked Up!

But she was replaced because she wasn't a mother at the time, and couldn't relate to the birth scene.