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10+ Disney Princesses Imagined In The Most Unflattering Ways

A brilliant artist has reimagined Disney princesses in the most hilarious ways possible.

Princesses are always meant to look their best, but his artist just threw that out the window.

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Ariel can't catch a break.

The Little Mermaid is one of the most beloved classics of all time.

And this is just one of the unflattering poses you'll see Ariel in for this article, so stay tuned.

Snow White really loves apples.

I really hope that's not how I chew apples.

Really not a good look for me, or for Snow White (but that's the point).

Sleep is for the weak.

This Aurora is full of moves!

But it's not exactly a smart one. She's straight up flashing Prince Phillip.

The colors of the wind are not always flattering.

Pocahontas went the distance when he jumped off a waterfall.

But it didn't make for a picture perfect moment for her.

Part of her world!

Imagine waking up to that?

Sign me up! Might not be a super great look but she still has the voice of an angel.

Cinderella's Facetime experience.

I can't even say anything bad about this, because then I'd be a hypocrite.

We all look like this when we open Facetime.

Face swap to end us all.

Snow White and The Hunstman engaged in a hilarious face swap for this photo.

Is it weird that I think they both look good?

Sleeping Beauty.


A real representation of how we all look when we sleep! Don't try and deny it! We all look terrible!

The Evil Queen actually looks amazing.

I know this is meant to be unflattering, but she actually looks like a BOSS.


In every Disney movie, there's a beautiful fall.

This princess doesn't have time to look good when she falls.

The trouble is real.

Hey, be nice to Jasmine, it must be super hard to get on a levitating carpet.

I know I'd have the trouble.


This one actually made me cringe.

Partially because it's gross and partially because I feel like I'd make the same mistake.

A for Effort, Ariel.

She did her best to look amazing, so I have to give her that credit.

It just didn't work out in her favor, that's all.

Yikes Jasmine.

Yup, this is exactly why I don't get on magic carpets!

It just doesn't make for the best Insta photo.

And that last shot of Ariel.

Hey, I still think she's beautiful.

She's living her life as a princess, who cares how she looks!

Obviously, we need a 'Game of Thrones' reference.

Sleeping Beauty absolutely would not stand for the way they treated Daenerys at King's Landing either. Rough news out there for anyone who named their daughter Aurora.

Sometimes your own hair just doesn't cut it.

As Andhika says in the caption, "Let wig go!" I kind of think Elsa rocks the shaved head. It gives her sort of a Furiosa energy. Just try and stop her now.

Even Princesses get hungry.

If you'd lived under the sea your whole life like Ariel, you'd probably be sick of seafood and craving a little (or... a lot) of pizza too!

Snow White Laments

What is she lamenting? Well, just check out the caption: when you realized it's already Monday.

Maybe the dwarves have to go back to work? Maybe that's the day the apple lady stops by?

Good for them!

It's nice to see Disney relationships progressing!

It's surprising, to say the least, that Pochahontas has a wig. I genuinely did not know the native people had wigs back then!

Here's Snow White With A Wig Too!

Well hey, would you look at that!

Might want to tell those little birdies to stop there, snowy my dear, they're getting their dirty bird cloacas all over your wig!

She must be taking a snapchat.

One that won't go to any of the boys (or girls, we don't know with Elsa) that she likes, and is probably just going to a group chat or something.

Probably just her sister.

Aw well, would you look at that.

Snow White is so excited to see her man that she can hardly contain it!

She's even making a silly face while he... uh... nibbles on her ear? What are ya doing back there?

Uh-oh. Charming, this is not going the way you're thinking.

Whatever Prince Charming is saying in Cinderella's ear is definitely not going over well.

He's probably either bragging or mansplaining something.

Ooh, Pocahontas, you look awful sly.

Perhaps she knows that one day, she's going to have to take off her ancient native American wig in front of him and then she can see if he truly loves her (he does).

Another "Catch a man of your dreams."

Why do all these princesses look so sly and evil when they "Catch the man of their dreams?"

Is... is there something we men should know? Are you sapping our life force or something?

What kind of deranged, terrifying deep-sea creature is that?

It looks like an angler fish mixed with a moray eel!

It's horrible and awesome all at once it's... Oh, it's just Ariel the Mermaid.

First thing in the morning.

I'm right with you Cinderella, not only would I be exhausted in the morning (See picture 1) but I also would want those dang birds getting their cloacas all over me.

Ursula's new look

Listen, Ursula, you look good and everything, Eric is totally going to fall for it, baby. But you need to understand: Angles are everything, girlfriend.

Just make sure he sees you from a downward angle.

Need help, Alice?

Shoot, you're stuck! How does the song go... One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small and the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all...

Darn it, what does Tylenol do?


I don't know who to feel sorrier for here: Aladdin, because he has this whole date planned and Jasmine clearly does not want to go.

Or Jasmine, because all she wants to do is take a nap.

Okay, this one's not unflattering.

But it is awesome. Is anyone else incredibly down for a Spice World animated remake with these cool girls at the center of it?

Or is that just me?

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