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30 People Who Take Creativity To New Levels

There are people out there who really know how to stretch their brain muscles when it comes to being creative. They live outside the box and think of things that the everyday person might not, creating solutions that you wish you had thought of in the first place. Join me as I assess these people who are creatively on point.

1. This guy with his DIY mixer.

Reddit | trifecta13

Who needs a hand mixer when you have a power drill just laying around collecting dust? Slap on a wooden spoon and you'll be well on your way to pancake town.

2. This girl with a better Leaning Tower of Pisa pic.

Reddit | v78

Now, this is what I like to see! None of this pretending to hold up the tower nonsense, this girl stepped it up and gets tons of style points.

3. This clever storage solution.

Instagram | @catherinecolerealtor

I would've never thought of this idea in a million years, but now that I've seen it, I really want these! Just remember to close the drawers to avoid a midnight accident.

4. This girl's beverage game is lit.

Reddit | Jaketh

Why drink from those mini-bottles individually when you can go ham and drink from every single one at the same time? This would be perfect for juice boxes, I've always thought one was not enough.

5. This clever boy and that stupid claw machine.

Man, we all know how insanely difficult these claw machines tend to be. Want aneasy win? be like this dude and bring a powerful magnet along and rejoice in your fluffy winnings.

6. This guy's jug filling method.

Reddit | FameMoon17

A simple task for sure, but his approach is something to marvel at. You can tell he's done this task a million times and mastered it. Just look at his stance, that's a proud man.

7. This low budget solution to an annoying issue.


If you've ever pan fried anything, you know it sucks when the oil splatters and gives you a temporary panic attack. One of the better life hacks I've seen.

8. This kid's patio pool.

Reddit | asadabbas9

As creative as this might be, it's not that high on the intelligence scale. But hey, at least the kid can enjoy a nice dip at home. Looks way more fun than a kiddie pool.

9. This dude bringing the party with him.

Instagram | @kindlecrack

This has got to be the best way to quickly make friends at an event or house jam. Give this guy an award or something because he wins the Internet for today.

10. How this Canadian rips the waves.

Reddit | PDRugby

Who would've thought a sled could take the place of a surf board while riding some sweet waves? This resourceful Canadian beauty right here. I wanna try!

11. This tall guy cruising comfortably.

Reddit | Nortion

I've always wondered how really tall dudes could be comfortable in the front seat of most cars. This is one way, just hope he doesn't get in an accident cuz that arm is a goner.

12. This woman's pic with a statue.

Reddit | TeaGossips

You have to admire this woman's effort in taking this awesome picture. As impressive as this is, I'm pretty concerned about her knees when she lands.

13. This group's Jenga stacking skills.

Reddit | Reddit

As impractical as it might be to stack Jenga blocks in this manner, it's still quite the feat to behold. I'd hate to be the first person to pull a brick from this beautiful tower.

14. This kid's solution for really hot chocolate. 

Instagram | @mollytittle

Instead of dropping an ice cube into their hot chocolate like me, this kid connects straws to a cup of chocolate milk in order to get a slightly cooler sip of chocolatey goodness. Genius!

15. This clever use of old wrapping paper.

Reddit | b_a_mf

Honestly, I buy a roll, use it for every single present I need to wrap and throw the rest of the paper in my closet, only to buy a new one next year and repeat the process.

16. This Amish buggy from the future. 

Reddit | jaykirsch

I'm really confused here. That looks distinctly like car tires, but there's also clearly a horse pulling the thing. Is this an Amish hybrid buggy? It's pretty great though.

17. This funky piece of street art.

Reddit | JF_112

I'm a huge fan of street art, and especially like when the artist utilizes exterior fixtures to enhance their work, like this funny little guy. Really cool!

18. This resourceful grandpa.

Reddit | jackmirifice

I totally get what he's trying to do here, but he seems a bit too close to shore to pull off this maneuver. That dive can't end well if it's as shallow as I think it is.

19. This realtor's cheeky advertisement.

Reddit | thehardy

If I lived near this guy he'd definitely get my business in a heartbeat. Some people may not be fans, but I love me a good pun, and this guy gets it.

20. This brilliant way to make a flight less boring.

Dump A Day | Dump A Day

It's always a pain having to hold your phone up or hurt your neck looking down at your lap. This hack will definitely come in handy one day.

21. This Mars bar truck advertisement is literally making my mouth water.

Lol Damn | Lol Damn

Even as someone who rarely has sugar cravings, this creative ad has definitely caught my eye... and my sweet tooth.

22. Speaking of clever advertisements, this one definitely gets the point across.

Lol Damn | Lol Damn

Whoever was responsible for this gets some serious creativity points. I doubt anyone would miss this Panasonic ad when they drive by.

23. This kid is clearly a creative genius when it comes to bending the rules.

Dump A Day | Dump A Day

Parents, look out. The kids are evolving. If you're going to make restrictions, chances are they'll find a way around it, like this guy.

24. This person takes trolling the referee very seriously.

Dump A Day | Dump A Day

I've never seen a sign like this, so props to this guy for thinking of it. It definitely gets the point across.

25. I've never understood the purpose of fidget spinners until this very moment.

The Berry | The Berry

Finally, someone is really thinking outside of the box here. If you grew up watching this cartoon, you'll appreciate when '90s nostalgia meets this popular modern-day gadget.

26. I'm not advocating for wasting spaghetti, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

True Activist | True Activist

Using an uncooked piece of spaghetti to light a candle wick is a clever way to avoid burning your fingers.

27. Craving grilled cheese? Turn a toaster on its side and watch that cheese sizzle. 

1st Slice | 1st Slice

Hopefully, this hack goes according to plan. It's creative, but it could also be disastrous and messy. You have been warned.

28. This person is doing us all a service by handing these out.

9Gag | 9Gag

If you're sick of people's bad parking, it doesn't hurt to take a creative approach. Constructive criticism builds character, and coloring is fun!

29. This person can have all of my money for making this seriously convincing tip jar.

Imgur | Imgur

Any Game Of Thrones fan knows how rewarding it is to see Joffrey get slapped, so this person really figured out how to win our hearts and our wallets.

30. This woman who has no need for an eye mask.

Reddit | mspollard

If she had a spouse to provide an arm for a pillow, she'd be set. Look at the kid's face. He knows he's about to be all over the Internet.