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15+ People Who Thought They Looked Like Celebrities But Forgot To Look In A Mirror

Thanks to the internet, we've all seen our fair share of regular people who look freakishly like celebrities.

But what about the people who think they look like celebs because somewhere along the road, they've been misled. This one goes out to all those poor souls who are still beautiful, just not Beyoncé beautiful.

1. I mean, if Lana Del Rey rocked an orange wig, rainbow acrylics, and shoulder-length earrings, then I could totally see the resemblance here.

Twitter | @Lorraine_Star

But in the meantime, I'm going to have to give this one a hard pass, sadly.

That was the first in a long series of disappointments, so get ready for more.

I mean, you knew what this was when you clicked it. You weren't in this for happy endings, right?

2. To be fair, as hard as some may try, nobody is going to end up looking like Beyoncé except for the queen herself.

Twitter | @Shayaqua

Not even little Blue Ivy or the twins are going to take after their mama. It's all Jay-Z there.

3. Are you saying that if I dye my hair turquoise and throw on a fun lip color, then I, too, can look like Kylee Jander??? 

Reddit | [deleted]

I can't believe I've been missing out on this lifehack all these years.

4. Who are these people telling this boy that he looks like Rihanna?

Twitter | @zavalazupreme

They are either not his friends, or they need to get their eyes checked.

But okay, if we're strictly looking at the hair here and nothing more, it's not bad.

5. Again, the people who tell this girl that she looks like Rihanna clearly don't know what Rihanna looks like.

Twitter | @PatStevens69

Don't get me wrong, she's beautiful, but she's no bad gal RiRi.

Y'all need to remember that there's only one Rihanna, and that's just the way we like it.

Could the world even handle another one?

Hint: No. No, we couldn't.

6. Maybe these people are getting false information from somewhere.

eBaum's World

I'm not saying that this app is lying to you, but this app is lying to you.

7. Oh honey, I hate to say it, but it's just you.

The Daily Buzz | The Daily Buzz

I'm straining my eyes to see the resemblance even just a little's no bueno.

Maybe she can sing like Brit, though!

8. I hate to break this girl's spirit by telling her that she doesn't look like Kim Kardashian.

Twitter | @King_Jiffy

But hey, looking like a Kardashian means you have a horrid crying face, so maybe it's all for the best?

See? That's a weird crying face, right?

Almost like she becomes a drawing. I'm gonna have to look into this.

9. Is this a joke?

Twitter | @DJGeeBill

He has to be joking. It's not real. He must be kidding. This isn't a serious question. He doesn't actually and truly believe that...there's no way. No. I refuse. Bye.

10. Hey, for all we know, this guy could look like Steve Harvey.

Twitter | @woptar

But I'm going to need to see him throw us a giant, pearly white smile first.

And then I'll make my decision.

11. Hey, it's a mirror selfie, and we all know that mirror selfies don't tell the whole story.

Twitter | Twitter

Honestly, give this guy a few years, and he's going to prove us all wrong and end up looking like Channing, then we'll look like idiots.

12. I just wanted to tell Greta that although her hair may be as long and golden as this NDSU football player's hair, she still doesn't look like a male athlete, and I don't want her to think otherwise.

Twitter | @GHaslekaas

13. It's kind of hard to picture what a young Johnny Depp looks like because most of his roles involve heavy costume.

Twitter | @SrirachaSpip

But with that being said, I can still confidently say that this guy does not look like a young Johnny Depp. Sorry.

Nobody tell Johnny Depp about that last one, because it may actually make him cry.

Don't worry, 1990 Depp. You're still pretty.

14. To be fair, it's hard to judge if this guy really looks like Adam Driver because the picture was taken with a potato.

Twitter | Twitter

But from what we can see, I'm not all that convinced. It's still funny, though.

15. I...I'm speechless. 

Awesome Inventions | Awesome Inventions

I'm not the biggest fan of Drake's, and I'll admit that I had to Google a picture of him to see if there was any sort of resemblance at all.

And now I'm mad that I wasted 3.5 seconds of my life doing that.

16. I'm convinced this one is a joke.

Imgur | estilos

But still, you know that there are actually people out there who act way too entitled because they think they look like a celebrity when they really, really do not.

I got news for her, there's someone out there with an actual resemblance.

Sorry, but against this shoebill bird, you never stood a chance.

New rule: I don't think it should count if you get the whole outfit just for the resemblance.


That said, this is definitely the most legit lookalike in this whole list.

Twist! You get a happy ending. You're welcome.