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24 Pics You'll Look At 3 Times 'Cause It's A Charm

Diply 16 Jun 2018

Are you tired of looking at bizarre, confusing, befuddling, and just downright weird pictures on the internet?

Of course you're not. If you were, three-quarters of the internet would shut down and the ripple effect would cause economic mayhem across the globe.

Anyhoo, since we've established that that's not a problem and you're thrilled to be here, let's take a look at the following 24 head-scratching images.

Do it for the economy.

1. Maybe it's time to make flesh-colored leggings illegal.

Instagram | @thedarkwhiteknight

Yes, leggings are the most comfortable pant-like articles of clothing on the planet. But with great power and comfort, comes not making your fellow shoppers worry you're nekkid.

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2. That fellow can really rock a tank top.

Instagram | @looped.up

Most guys his age wouldn't be caught dead in such an outfit, but this guy's just going for it. More power to you, sir. Living your truth. Good for you.

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3. What in the name of everything holy is this abomination?

Twitter | @_katiegold_xo

This has to be a joke. Yep, it just has to be. Yep. No other explanation for it. Probably some solid Photoshop work here. But still. Juuuuust a joke. Yep.

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4. Make sure your pets getting plenty of exercise. 

Reddit | harts830

A daily walk is good for you and your...uh, well, whatever particular animal you choose to call "pet." Even the two-legged kind being the four-legged kind. No judgement here.

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5. How badly do you need to use the bathroom?

Reddit | Palifaith

I mean, feel free. If you've really gotta go, then just go. Who knows when you might come across the next bathroom.

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6. Ohhhh, it's Jana's birthday party.

Instagram | @zebnavarro

I mean, whatever, it's fine. People can celebrate whatever they want. But oddly, I feel much better knowing this is just a simple birthday party for Jana, who I'm sure's a lovely person.

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7. This squirrel is so gonna murder her stylist.

Reddit | Starnois

All she wanted were some highlights for a fresh and sunny summer look, and this is what she got. The other squirrels will go nuts on her.

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8. He looks so engaged and thoughtful.

Reddit | crunxi

Is he tired because he went to all the work of creating a photo double of himself so he could sleep through class? Because that seems like wasted effort then.

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9. A good doggo and a sweet kitteh. 

Reddit | DogeDeadMeme

All Rocky wanted to be for Halloween was Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and his mom just could not say no to him.

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10. Their eyes follow you wherever you go.

Reddit | EskimoRageQuit

You know that old cliché, "two heads are better than one"? Yeah, that old saying is total bulls*** (see what I did there?) in this case.

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11. Yeah, I'd like to see the guy that can hit that high note.

Reddit | DansbaeSwanson

Upon further reflection as to what I was implying, I retract my previous statement. Deepest apologies. I don't want to see that. No one wants to see that.

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12. Bring this to your mother-in-law's house for a good time. 

Imgur | markymarktwain

It took me a sec to realize this was a pillow. But not only will the soft, red velvet feel nice on your skin, you're sure to give anyone who stumbles upon you napping on the floor a good scare!

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13. That is some impressive camouflage, but now I'm worried where his bottom half is. 

Reddit | d416

Did he lose it in some sort of horrible outdoor-related accident? See, this is why I'm indoorsy.

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14. Shadow cat will steal whatever is left of your soul.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

And also your catnip and any fishy kitty treats you might have on you. Hey, even evil, soul-sucking kitties gotta eat.

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15. Isn't nature just incredible?

Reddit | PastaManSan

Also, I hope whoever took this picture didn't tell the kid laying on the beach why they were taking it because that just seems mean.

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16. Hmmm... There seems to be a pillar top that's gone missing.

Reddit | Sir_Pierre_Dunn

Some vandal probably broke it off and that's why you can't see it. Yeah, that's gotta be the case.

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17. It took a moment for me to realize what was wrong here. 

Reddit | edison_1

But now that I’ve gotten over that moment of dumbness, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the monkey’s fine sniper stance.

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18. Can I please wish for infinite wishes?

Reddit | Johanneslaurio

No? Well, fine. Then I wish to know how this guy is achieving this illusion, because it’s actually pretty cool and I’m baffled.

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19. Pupper Longlegs?

Reddit | Eoussama

While a weird and funny visual, I hope that doggo was quickly freed from the costume and given tons of treats, because they do not look thrilled about the situation.

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20. That’s not where you usually see a lawn being trimmed. 

Reddit | freme

Green roofs are pretty cool and it makes sense that they’d need the same regular maintenance as a lawn, but shouldn’t there be safety rails or something?

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21. Well, this is an accident waiting to happen. 

Reddit | mrclmgs

Oh, is the computer café flooding? Quickly add a few extra chairs to prop your butt above the water and keep on raiding! Who cares if you might be electrocuted?

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22. Nothing to see here, just a demon cat and its field of mushrooms. 

Reddit | NovaSF

Whoever’s room this is must really like mushrooms. There seems to at least be plastic on the floor under them. Maybe they’re being dried?

But the cat is clearly a demon.

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23. I’ve been driving for years, but would be terrified to navigate this roundabout.

Reddit | plasma_node

Look, I know that they’re technically more efficient than a four-way stop, but that’s assuming everyone in the roundabout isn’t an idiot.

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24. “O hai,” says the random giraffe out your plane’s window.

Reddit | cheeseburger365

I’m going to assume this is a case of forced perspective or Photoshop, because otherwise, I don’t think my brain can handle a giraffe that tall.

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