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Disney's Sugar Cookie Dole Whip Sandwich Is Both Boozy And Refreshing

Those of us who were lucky enough to go to Disney World when we were growing up made memories there that will probably stay with us forever.

And that's doubly true for those of us who went during the off-season because we had the time to experience pretty much everything the park had to offer.

And for my parents, that included a trip to Pleasure Island, where they could finally relax and enjoy a real drink while chuckling at a bunch of off-color jokes that I didn't get.

But although Pleasure Island is sadly no more, there's still a way for adults to beat the heat and take a break from the lines their way.

The special treat we're going to talk about today can be found at the Disney Springs complex in Bay Lake, Florida.

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This shopping and entertainment district is close to the action in Orlando and is also home to a wide array of restaurants and bars.

One of them is known as Wine Bar George and it has a counter-service add-on called The Basket.

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According to Disney Food Blog, it's here that guests can enjoy the sweet, refreshing Frozcato Sugar Cookie Sandwich.

If this seems like an odd item for a wine bar to serve, just wait until you hear what's in it.

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If the name "Frozcato" doesn't mean anything to you, it's worth knowing that the "meat" in this sandwich is a frozen blend of vodka, moscato, and pineapple.

Specifically, the pineapple part is actually pineapple Dole whip.

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You may have heard that the wine bar has previously used this flavor combination to make a frozen drink, but you can also eat it now that they've thrown some colorful sprinkles in it and smooshed it between two sugar cookies.

This delectable treat will first go on sale on Friday and it should remain in stock all summer long.

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As a Disney representative told Elite Daily, however, they're made in limited supply each day, so it's best to try and get to The Basket before the crowd beats you to it.

Each sandwich costs eight dollars.

h/t: Disney Food Blog