'Euphoria' Is So Intense Zendaya Had To Issue A Warning To Her Fans

Euphoria is the next HBO show set to take over.

The series is centered around Zendaya's character Rue, who is a drug addict, fresh out of rehab, looking to navigate her life.

The creator, Sam Levinson, said that the show is meant to mirror his life.


Rue goes through a lot in the show, including death, sex, drugs (obviously), and more.

While the show might not be anything new for teens, it might be a little scary and triggering for parents.


Why you may ask? Read on.

There was a warning...

Well, this is what a lot of teens go through in their life. Teenage life isn't easy.

Even Zendaya had to issue a warning.

Parents will be surprised to know that this is what their teen might be going through.


Maybe parents will even be outraged about the content that is being put out there!

But it's all true.

But be warned: it's not for the faint of heart.


It's an extremely graphic show and it doesn't leave anything to the imagination.

Think 13 Reasons Why but more realistic.

Each episode focuses on a different character in Rue's (Zendaya) life.


From fanfiction writers to internalized homophobia students, to girls with modern teenage problems, the show covers it all.

And the show has been praised for it's casting.


Of Hunter Schafer, specifically.

They actually chose a trans woman to play a trans woman!

The relationships are complex, wonderful, and dangerous.


So pay close attention, because you won't want to miss a single detail!

Still, it's a fairly accurate representation of what a lot of teens have to go through.

And so far, it's killing it in the reviews department.

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