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KFC Is Finally Selling Chicken Skin Fries But We'll Still Have To Wait For Them

There's a reason KFC makes such a big deal about the 11 secret herbs and spices that go into their original chicken recipe. The seasoning is the most noticeable on the skin of the chicken and it didn't take a South Park episode to tell us that that's the part everybody who eats there really wants.

So even though such a request might have the power to make our arteries disappointed in us, many of us secretly want a way that we can only have the skin.

And nobody seems more aware of that than KFC themselves.

On May 11, one of KFC's Twitter accounts showed photo proof that they'd found a way offer just the skins.

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These take the form of strange-looking "fries" that vaguely resemble what it would look like if somebody made Taco Bell's cinnamon twists out of chicken.

And since this technically involves offering people less than they'd otherwise get, the price seems to reflect that.

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According to Insider, each order only costs the equivalent of 96 cents.

As you might have expected, it's a snack that people are pretty excited about.

As The Sun reported, they've already sold out at many participating locations, which makes the rest of us salivate even harder.

Still, nothing is going to be a hit with absolutely everyone.

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Twitter user @Rizkywinaya, for instance, seemed to think they were OK, but nothing all that special.

Oddly, that might soothe our wounded spirits to some extent once we hear the bad news.

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Unfortunately, it turns out that these chicken skin fries are only available in five locations right now. And those spots are all the way over in Indonesia.

To make matters worse, KFC apparently doesn't have any plans to bring them stateside.

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As a representative told Insider, "the company's global food innovation teams look at both external trends and blockbuster products from other markets" to figure out what items to sell where.

Unfortunately, all this amounts only to the vague statement that the skins could show up elsewhere in the future.

Good thing that one person said they weren't that special, right? Sigh.

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