Klara Pernicova

Zit Rings Offer Cover For Your Piercings While You're Working

This far into the 21st century, it's a bit of an antiquated idea that you need to cover up your piercings. Sure, there are some employers out there who cling to the old ways, and there always will be, but for the most part, personal expression with face art at work isn't quite as big a deal as it used to be.

But, if you've got one of those bosses who you can't help wanting to thumb your nose at, these might be for you.

Klara Pernicova

When you can't flash the bling in your face, you do have the option of disguising your piercing with something a bit more natural with a zit ring.

Yes, you read that correctly — a zit ring.

With a big ol' whitehead that looks like it's just begging to burst, zit rings will definitely make everyone look twice.

Klara Pernicova

And maybe a look of revulsion will cross your boss's face, who knows. Whether your boss or anyone else will actually say something about it or not is another question entirely.

Surely no manager could object to you wearing high school freshman-grade acne to work, right?

Klara Pernicova

It's a weird idea that you might actually want zits on your face, on purpose — usually you smother those suckers in Clearasil, right? But if it gets under your boss's persnickety skin, it's gotta be worth it.

It's unclear if messing with your manager was the sole idea behind zit rings.

Klara Pernicova

The nauseating silver and silicone adornments are the work of Czech artist Klara Pernicova, who's making a name for herself with odd designs that kinda make your skin crawl.

Art is supposed to get a reaction, and Klara's designs definitely do that.

Klara Pernicova

For example, her slug and snail headphones, in which the slimy little molluscs appear to be sliding into your ears — or backing out, I suppose. Either way, it doesn't sound pleasant.

And then there are her hair clips.

Facebook | Klara Pernicova

Makes accessorizing a breeze because an extra pair of ears goes with anything, right? Or perhaps nothing will.

Let's not forget her udder fanny pack.

Klara Pernicova

I don't know necessarily if I would wear one myself, but this is objectively hilarious and I fully endorse at least the idea of it.

What do you think? Would you wear any of Klara's off-beat designs?

h/t pernicova.com