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The 'Chalkboard Mom' Who Became A Meme Just Trolled Herself In A Hilarious Pic

I won't lie — the world of parenting influencers and bloggers can be a little strange sometimes.

As the mom to a toddler, I often wonder where all these parents get rustic, burlap backdrops for their Instagram photos, and why it seems everyone but me owns a letterboard.

Well, the mom who just might be responsible for the social media phenomenon known as the "baby name reveal" photo just trolled herself in a hilarious pic. Now, this is something I can relate to!

If you aren't a part of the online mom community, you may be oblivious to some of the social media trends that have taken over.

One of those trends is the "baby name reveal" photo. Using a letterboard is a pretty popular option, but expecting parents get really creative with these.

We have McKinli Hatch to thank for this trend.

McKinli is a lifestyle blogger and mom to four children.

Back in 2012, way before gender reveal parties and Instagram name announcements were mainstream, McKinli shared a photo on her blog announcing the name of her second child.

The photo shows McKinli standing next to a chalkboard with the winning name for her daughter circled at the bottom.

Mommy's Little Sunshine

The image quickly went viral with moms scrambling to imitate the photo for their own babies, and trolls getting to work on memes.

The photo quickly became known as the "white people names" meme.

On Twitter and Tumblr, people chose this photo as the representation of typical "white people" baby name trends.

Other offered their own unique take on the names.

I have yet to meet a child named McNugget but I'm sure that day will come before I know it. It's sort of cute, right?

McKinli was a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

Instagram | @mckinli

Talking to Buzzfeed News, she said, "At first, I was a little surprised how much attention it was getting and just how creative people can get with [the memes]."

There has been a lot of variety.

Instagram | @mckinli

McKinli says she's seen memes with "Khloé Kardashian's face photoshopped on mine, things Trump has said photoshopped on the board, people claiming I don't vaccinate my kids, rude ones, and even a few, well, weird ones."

"Some of the memes, and even comments on the memes, are pretty funny and I can laugh along with them," she said.

Instagram | @mckinli

McKinli says her philosophy is that "other people's opinion of me (or my choices) is really none of my business."

"Some people will like the name selection and some won't, but either way I love my children's names that I chose and that is really all that matters," she said.

Well, to her credit, McKinli took all the memes and jokes in stride and even brought back the famous chalkboard for her third child's name reveal.

Honestly, she's been a really good sport about this whole thing! It's not easy becoming a meme, but she has a good sense of humor about her viral fame.

And, she just trolled herself again.

The Hatch family has a new member, but this time, it's not a baby — it's a puppy! From the looks of it, this furry friend is named Maverick.

McKinli captioned the photo, "Hey internet, how did I do this time!?"


People are loving McKinli's hilarious photo and for her tongue-in-cheek caption.


This is such a clever way to clap back at all the haters, while still keeping it light and funny. I hope the Hatch family gets more pets down the road because I want chalkboard name photos for all of them!