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This Throwback Video Of A-Rod Calling J-Lo His Dream Date Is Way Too Cute For Words

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are in my top five fav Hollywood couples. Honestly, maybe even in my top three but that's only because I friggen love J-Lo SO MUCH! She transcends the worlds of singing, dancing and acting which is why everyone loves her.

She's also the *most* gorgeous woman on the planet.

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She is my holy grail celeb that I will stand by forever like I literally can't even look at her without crying sometimes because that's how much I love her.

Her future hubby Alex Rodriguez *also* thinks the total world of her, which is essential in every relationship — obvs.

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The two got engaged back in March and have been filling our love tanks ever since.

Now J-Lo and A-Rod have an interesting history to say the least.

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Having been acquaintances for years, there's tons of lil' easter eggs all over social media of the pair from YEARS ago.

My personal favourite moment was when Jennifer Lopez and then husband Marc Anthony stood beside A-Rod during the playing of national anthem at a Yankee's vs Mets game back in 2005.

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OoOoOoo WHAT a difference a decade and a half can make!

BUT NOW, I totally have a new fav moment and I can't wait to share it with you guys cause its *SO* friggin cute.

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A-Rod took to his Instagram last night to share an adorable throwback video of himself during an interview from 1998.

In the interview, a young twenty-something A-Rod is asked "what would a dream date with Alex Rodriguez be?"

Without missing a BEAT, A-Rod replies "Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully you can find me a date with her!"

He captioned the video with a simple "I just had a feeling" LEAVING *US* WITH SO MANY FEELINGS!

Jennifer loved it too, commenting "OMG...I love this too much."

We love when dreams come true, and we couldn't be more thrilled for these two lovebirds!

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Now hurry up and get married so I can add everything to my Pinterest board please and thank you!!!!!! <3