Restaurant Manager Fired After Video Of Her Screaming At Employee Goes Viral

It's hard to get a job at all these days, let alone a good one.

When you're competing with hundreds of prospective employees for a select few positions in your area, it is likely that you'll have to settle for some not great jobs with some not great employers at one point or another.

You don't have to be best friends with the people you work with, but it's important that you at least receive the baseline human respect and legal rights that you deserve.

The service industry is particularly bad for pairing high stress with low wages.

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It is hard enough working your butt off to make less than minimum wage without having a boss look for reasons to fire you.

People put up with bad employers out of desperation because at the end of the day, feeling stressed is worth being able to pay their rent.

One woman worked a kitchen position at the company Core Life in Salt Lake City.

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Connie Fuentes Aguirre was promised by her manager Trina that she would receive a raise once she moved to the kitchen, but every time she brought it up, her boss would completely ignore her.

Connie's son and daughter were eating in the restaurant one day when they decided to help out their mom.

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Ivan Fuentes figured that his mother's language barrier might be preventing her from properly getting her point across to her manager, so he offered to act as a translator while Connie spoke to her boss.

Trina instantly began to flip out on both Connie and her children.

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The video shows her yelling at Connie telling her that her son is causing drama and demanding that all of them leave "her store" immediately before she calls the police.

Connie's kids can be heard calmly asking what they've done wrong.

Facebook | Ivan Fuentes

"How are we causing drama?" Ivan asks.

The manager continues to scream and mock Connie's accent, demanding that they all leave before security forces them to leave.

"You just got your mom fired."

Facebook | Ivan Fuentes

Without explanation, Trina fires Connie , then calls security to tell them that an ex-employee and her children are causing a disruption in the restaurant.

Trina's daughter calls the police on her on cell phone to see if she can deescalate the situation.

A few days after the video was spread, CoreLife Eatery released a statement.


"The actions of our manager were completely unacceptable and do not represent our commitment to a dignified environment for our employees and patrons," the statement reads.

"We apologize to our employee, her family, patrons in the restaurant at the time of the incident and all others who were offended by the actions of our manager. We will not tolerate this type of behavior and have taken swift action."

While watching the video, you can see that the manager is clearly out of line.

Connie's children have started a Go Fund Me to help with living costs until Connie can find another job.

h/t: Yahoo Lifestyle