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Child Goes Viral For Surprisingly Morbid Birthday Party Request

It doesn't take parents long to realize just how weird kids can be sometimes. Most of the time, this takes the form of pretzeling themselves into bizarre positions and claiming they're perfectly comfortable or coming up with a strange catchphrase.

However, kids can also have the same dark sides as the rest of us and they're a lot less shy about showing it. For instance, the last time I watched my little cousins, they kept going on about all the horrific ways they imagined Humpty Dumpty maiming himself when he famously fell off the wall.

One little girl, however, was saving her dark side for a special occasion.

On Tuesday, three-year-old Lucia was having a birthday party and her cousin, Andrea, had to let the world know about it.

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You may notice that her party has a lot more evil nun imagery than most kids that age, but this was apparently how she wanted to do it.

And so, her apparently very supportive family presumably shrugged their shoulders and got her the perfect cake to match.

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And since it would kind of clash with the aesthetic to write something like "happy birthday, Lucia," they just went with her name in stark red letters. That's some nice attention to detail.

Lucia is making an appropriately sinister face for the occasion too.

I suppose the question here is how Lucia even discovered this aesthetic.

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Did her family take the big risk of showing her The Nun or did she somehow happen upon the look herself?

Either way, having a horror fan as a kid definitely beats hearing "Baby Shark" for the 400th time.

For anyone who doesn't know, "The Nun" is one of those movies you don't watch unless you don't feel like sleeping for a few months.

No, you won't be seeing Whoopi Goldberg dressed up in her finest nun attire while she directs a choir of fellow singing nuns through upbeat hymns. That's Sister Act, and I suggest you watch that instead.

"The Nun" is actually a horror movie about a demonic nun who lurks in dark corners and pops out just when you don't want her to.


There's some more to it, of course, and it's actually a pretty decent flick if you're in the mood to be scared. But It definitely doesn't seem like the sort of movie a little girl would want her entire birthday party featured around. But Lucia clearly isn't any ordinary little girl.

Somebody definitely went the extra mile in making a ghostly nun buddy for Lucia's special day.

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It takes some special talent to make something adorable out of a theme that's usually horrific, but I guess that describes the party as a whole.

To make the festivities even more weirdly cute, Andrea said that her sister's friends also participated in the theme.

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Both her friend's clothes and her facial expression give the impression that this wasn't what she expected, but that makes her an even better friend.

Is your squad this supportive?

As you might have guessed, people found this wonderfully morbid party pretty hard to ignore.

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Some couldn't get past their memories of horror movies with creepy children and noped out of the situation, but those who liked where this was going liked it a lot.

Some people really just didn't know how they should feel about the spooky party theme.

This tweet perfectly sums up my own feelings because while it's awesome this little girl isn't scared of the nun character like basically everyone else in the world, it also begs the question why isn't she scared of the nun character like everyone else in the world?

One woman responded to the post and said Lucia should be friends with her own niece who's also drawn to the spookier things in life.

Personally I don't know how any of these children are brave enough to even dress like scary characters, let alone make them the theme of their birthday parties. But there is definitely something to be said about this girl's fantastic makeup skills.

This person shared that her nephew also had a horror movie-themed birthday bash.

What better way to celebrate turning 6 than to enjoy a blood-splattered cake and open presents with the demonic doll himself, Chucky, looming in the background?

And your kid just had a clown at their party. So amateur.

I think we can all agree we were thinking the exact same thing.

Lucia's fascination with such a horrifying movie is definitely reminiscent of a certain Addam's Family character we all knew, loved, and simultaneously feared.

Among the supporters was Jordan Peele, who's made some major splashes in horror over the past few years.

Indeed, he was feeling Lucia's energy so much that he asked if she has a Godfather, to which Andrea replied that she does, but that man is willing to forfeit the rights to him.

Not only that, but someone else made some impressive fanart.

In particular, he did a great job of capturing the earnest look in Lucia's eyes that makes this whole thing so adorable.