This Light-Up Inflatable Cooler Is The Floating Bar Your Pool Has Been Missing

Maybe I'm alone on this one, but when I'm lounging in the water at a pool party, there's nothing worse than realizing my drink is tragically empty and I have to climb out to go get a new one.

The moment your body leaves that perfectly warm pool water, you're suddenly hit with the inexplicable chill of above-water air that makes you shiver and regret ever stepping foot out of the pool in the first place. If only there was away to keep the party going in the water without having to sacrifice either your body temperature or your desire to have a cool drink in your hand.

Well, now there is a way, thanks to PoolCandy's genius inflatable cooler.

Technically, it's marketed as an "Illuminated Buffet Cooler" because it's not just meant to hold your favorite drinks.


This floating treasure can hold anything and everything you need to keep chilled during your party – soda, fruit/veggie platters, shrimp rings, etc. Whatever you've previously had to either keep hidden inside a separate land-bound cooler or leave subject to the warm summer air on a table can now be kept chill and available inside the pool without getting wet!

Well, hopefully without getting wet. It's a totally different story if any party-goers feel the need to show off their cannonball skills.

This thing is basically a party in an inflatable box.

Unsplash | Toni Cuenca

According to Elite Daily, it's powered by PoolCandy LED lights with three different options to suit your specific party's mood: strobe, flash, or still. Pick a mode that suits your festivities, or pick a mode based on the festivities you'd like to encourage. Does your party need a bit of a boost? Let those lights strobe! Want to turn down the party atmosphere a bit? Still lights will do the trick.

Just make sure you keep AA batteries on hand, because this cooler requires three of them.

The cooler is an impressive four feet long, so you're going to be able to float quite the spread on there.

It's also insulated, so you can fill it up with ice and present your party goodies to your guests without worrying about it turning into a mini pool on top of your pool.

The cooler also comes with a patch kit to help keep your floating buffet...well, floating.

Sometimes parties can get a little out of hand, and that's okay, but the last thing you want is for your inflatable cooler to end up at the bottom of the pool. That would just be tragic.

A number of online retailers are offering the light-up cooler, so definitely search around to find the best deal.

On EBay and the PoolCandy website, the cooler retails for $24.99, but you can also find it on Amazon for $10.96 – if you have a Prime account, that is.

You can also find the product through Overstock for $31.99, Nordstrom Rack for $16.97, and Pretticute for $37.42. So you have a lot of options to choose from.

h/t: Elite Daily