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New Canned Cranberry Vodka Soda Is Straight Up Summer Satisfaction

Summer is officially on its way, which is honesty both wonderful and terrible.

On one hand, we're hopefully in for some deliciously lazy summer relaxation under that giant baking fireball of ours.

One the other, we're likely doomed to a few scathing months of drowning in our own heat juice. It's just not cute.

Mixed drinks are a summer staple, but we really don't want to go to the trouble of making them.

You expect me to measure my alcohol and properly portion my mixed drinks? Blasphemy.

What if I run out of mixer? What if I forget to fill the ice cub tray? What if I don't want to drink it out of a red solo cup like a peasant, Brad ?

Vodka cranberries are the Queens of the summer drink kingdom.

You know it's true. Vodka cranberries just hit the spot in a way that no other mixed drink does.

Beach vacation? Vodka cranberry. Friend's goodbye party? Vodka cranberry. UTI? Maybe just cranberry.

Now you can buy pre-mixed vodka cranberries in cans.

You & Yours

Um, what?


Summer is officially saved.

The company You & Yours recently announced that these stylish puppies will be available through the site Third Base Spirits.

If cranberry juice isn't your jam, you have a variety of other options to choose from.

You & Yours

You can buy the vodka cranberry soda, vodka mule, and gin & tonic pre-mixed cans as a three pack for under $15.

There's a mixed drink for every one of your conservative extended family members who will crowd your house on the Fourth of July and relentlessly interrogate you about why you aren't married yet.

Yayyyyy summer!

Aside from their contents, they're also aesthetically pleasing as heck.

You & Yours

The colorful illustrations are ridiculously appealing. It's the perfect accessory to like, take pictures of but not post them for fear of retribution from future employers! Yayy summer!

Have a vodka cranberry soda. Or don't. Free will is still a thing, I think.

You & Yours

We're not here to tell you what to do, but we are here to remind you about how luxuriously lazy you get to be when you don't have to mix your own drinks.

XOXO Gos(sip a vodka cranberry) girl.

h/t: Delish