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Sugar Daddy Website Founder Will Pay Travel Costs For Women To Get Abortions

In my family, if you had a problem, complaining wouldn't get you very far. You had a choice: accept it, or do something about it. Bike chain broke? Fix it or walk. Too much homework? Bear down and work through it or get a bad grade. That's how it went.

Well, it seems my house wasn't the only one with that rule, and one entrepreneur has decided that instead of complaining about something, he's going to take action.

Few things have caught the nation's attention and polarized public opinion like the restrictive abortion laws being passed in some states.

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Opposition to those laws has started taking form, including measures like boycotts of those states and calls for companies to stop doing business in or with those states.

For example, many Hollywood elite want to cut ties with Georgia after it passed a so-called "heartbeat bill" banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is often before women even know they're pregnant.

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Studios get a pretty hefty tax credit working in the state. Movies like Avengers: Endgame have been shot there.

But it was Alabama's new abortion law that drew the most ire from opponents.

It's the harshest anti-abortion measure signed into law in the U.S. at the moment, outlawing abortions even in cases of rape and incest, with doctors who perform abortions facing up to 99 years in prison. Outcry from the pro-choice crowd was immediate and fierce after Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed that bill.

One unusual opponent to the wave of restrictive abortion laws has decided to do something about it.

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Brandon Wade, who founded the sugar daddy website SeekingArrangement, announced that he and his girlfriend, Zoe Glaze, are setting up a charity to help women in states with restrictive abortion laws. Called 'Fight Against Poverty', the charity will pay for travel expenses and the cost of an abortion for women who need to leave their state to legally get an abortion.

SeekingArrangement is a decidedly controversial website that matches up sugar babies with sugar daddies or sugar mommas.

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It's definitely a non-traditional dating and relationship website, and while it does get criticized as glorified prostitution, SeekingArrangement seems to work for some people, and it boasts more than 10 million members. And now, Wade wants to come to an arrangement to help women in need.

Speaking in a video, Wade explained Alabama's law was the final straw for him and Zoe.

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Zoe hails from Alabama, and Wade said that when she heard the news about the new abortion law, she wept.

At the time, Wade suggested that women in need of abortions in the state should just go to another state.

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But Zoe explained to him that for many, many women there, that simply wasn't a financial option for them.

He drew attention to the fact that Alabama's poverty rate is above the national average, which includes hundreds of thousands of kids.

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And it probably doesn't help that, as Wade notes, Alabama does not require sex ed to be taught in schools and provides little funding for family planning at places like Planned Parenthood.

"Alabama's entire abortion law is designed to hurt the weakest and the poorest amongst us," Wade said.

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"If lawmakers will not step in and help these desperate women, I will. Although Alabama's law has yet to take effect, I'm working proactively with Zoe to launch the charity Fight Against Poverty so that when any state makes the decision to deny women the right to make choices about her body, we can help."

"We will provide women and families who cannot afford to provide for themselves, travel out of their homes state to access proper health care and to exercise their right to a choice," he said.

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Wade plans to start the charity off with a donation of between $500,000 and $1 million of his own money, and will help personally with the fundraising.

For him, as with SeekingArrangement, it's all about letting people make their own choices.

Watch Wade's announcement below.

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