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Dad Carries On A Full Conversation with Infant Son In Adorable Video

My mom has always believed that we shouldn't underestimate children. When I was a baby, she used to talk to me as though I was already grown and could tell based on my reactions that I understood what she was talking about.

Granted, weren't discussing nuclear physics or anything, but other adults seemed to wonder why she was bothering to talk to me about the average things going on in our lives.

And indeed, it seems that when we talk to babies, they listen because the full video shows what happens when one dad keeps his son engaged like that.

DJ Pryor is an up-and-coming comedian who's been praised for his energetic performances.

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However, the recent attention he's been receiving doesn't have to do with his act, but rather how he relaxes at home.

In a video captured by his wife, Shanieke, he and his infant son, Kingston, discuss the latest season finale of Empire.

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And since the first thing Pryor says in the clip is, "They need to work on that, right?" it seems the pair had mixed feelings about it at best.

Pryor then asks if Kingston understood the episode, to which he replied, "no."

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Considering that when I was that age, I would've said yes whether I actually understood or not, I admire the kid's honesty.

Pryor then tells Kingston that they're watching the "grand finale," and Kingston confirms that he knows this means it's the last one.

Before long, Kingston becomes conscious of the fact that his mom is filming them.

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And when he points this out to his dad, Pryor acknowledges it with a pretty blasé "Yeah, yeah."

Considering how young he is, Kingston is holding up his end of the conversation pretty well.

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He wonders what's going to happen, to which the doting dad says that's he's wondering the same thing about the next season because of the twists and turns this one took.

And although it soon becomes a challenge to decipher what Kingston is saying, his thoughts are apparently exactly what Pryor was thinking.

Indeed, Pryor can't help but notice how much he and Kingston are agreeing on, saying, "We think a lot alike, don't we?"

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On thing they're certainly simpatico about is the belief that "they" shouldn't "bring that here."

Hopefully, what they're referring to is a little clearer to those who have actually seen the episode.

Still, we don't have to know exactly what they're talking about to find the clip incredibly wholesome.

And we're certainly not alone, as the video already has 1 million shares and about 270,000 comments on Facebook.

Pryor told Today that the response has been stunning, but that he knew his son was funny, saying, "He is very animated. He takes after me."

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