Jennifer Aniston Is Down To Do A 'Friends' Reunion: "Why not?"

Friends is one of the biggest shows of all time. It's like a purse that never goes out of style.

And fans are always asking the same thing: will there ever be a reunion?

Jennifer Aniston sort of has an answer for us.

So, the friends reunion: yes or no?


It's a very tricky situation.

Sometimes reunions don't work out (like Gilmore Girls), but sometimes it's everything our poor nostalgic hearts deserved (like Girl Meets World).

But what does the cast think?


Well, Courtney Cox had quite a bit to say about it last October when she was interviewed for PEOPLE.

She isn't so sure that it could work.


“I just don’t see it happening. Even though I would do anything to be in a room with all of those people acting and having a great time. But I don’t see it happening.” she said.

Not even Lisa Kudrow was on board back in 2017.


“The thing we liked best about the show was that they were 20-somethings and they were their own family. Now, they all have families, so what are we going to watch?” she said.

Honestly, it would be amazing to see them with their kids!


Imagine seeing the gang and how they have become parents?

I'm already crying!

But Jennifer Aniston has different thoughts about it.


Thank God someone is on our side.

When on The Ellen Show she said, “Why not? You know what, because, listen, I told you this. I would do it.”

Thank you Jen!


I knew I was Team Jen for a reason.

Okay, so who do I have to talk to, to make this happen?

Watch the video below!

It's not the whole interview but it's the snippet where she talks about the show.

Would you be down for a Friends reunion? Let us know in the comments!