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Oreo Is Teaming Up With Baskin Robbins To Unveil Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's often difficult for me to decide on my favorite flavors when there are so many delicious options available to me. And normally, ice cream would be no exception because there are so many different options that I'd be perfectly happy to receive.

But in my view, nothing really compares to mint chocolate chip.

Maybe I just treasure it so much because my family didn't get it much growing up because it's my dad's least favorite flavor. But even if that weren't the case, the satisfying dance that mint and chocolate do in my mouth would probably still be just as appealing.

And now, there's a whole new way to get it.

Upon hearing the news of a mint chocolate chip flavor, some might be a little confused.

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Since there are already mint Oreos, how much different could this one really be?

Well, the answer lies in how this particular flavor was made.

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Rather than just add little chocolaty bits to a mint Oreo, some mad food scientist decided to blend their chocolate cream and their mint cream together for the center of this one.

And then they added some very small chocolate chips to the mixture anyway.

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So not only this there an enjoyable mint-chocolate taste throughout the cream center, but it also has the feel of eating mint chip ice cream.

And there's a specific reason the people at Oreo were aiming for that feeling.

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This time, Oreo is specifically trying to emulate Baskin Robbin's mint chip flavor for these limited edition cookies. And based on how this is sold, it seems they had the ice cream giant's help here.

We got our first look at the new flavor's package from Instagram user @junkbanter, who somehow got their hands on it.

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Although they weren't sure when the mint chip Oreos would come out, Nabisco has since told Best Products to expect a mid-July release.

And as @junkbanter recalled, this is far from the first time Oreo has teamed up with another brand.

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In their post, they recalled how much they enjoyed the strawberry pieces in their strawberry shortcake collaboration with Good Humor, the look of the Marshmallow Peep Oreos, and the fun they had throwing the Swedish Fish ones in the garbage.


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