10+ Netflix Titles That You Need To Add To Your Summer Queue

Alright, folks, let's get one thing straight: these are my recommendations for stuff to watch on Netflix this summer, so if it's old news then don't call me out on it.

Please, I'm sensitive.

'Spring Breakers'.


Nothing screams summer more than this flick. It's got bikinis, it's got partying, it's got a plethora of gorgeous babes and stunning studs.

Well... uh... James Franco. I mean, he looks like Riff Raff, but who knows you might be into that kind of thing.

'The Dirt'.


This, by far, is my movie of 2019. I've already seen it five times. Not because it's necessarily good, but because it will make you laugh. It's f'd up party scenes mixed with super cheesy moments.

Definitely check this Motley Crue biopic out.

'Talladega Nights'.


The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby. If you haven't seen this mid-2000s Will Ferrel affair, then you haven't quite lived.

It's a perfect summer movie because it's light, it's fun and it will 100% make you laugh.



Did you like Mean Girls? Well, then you're going to love Jawbreaker.

Courtney is like Regine George if Regina ended up murdering Gretchen Wieners. Oh yeah, it's pretty hardcore.

'Terminator 2: Judgement Day'.


I told you there was going to be old news on this list, alright? Still, this is one of my favorite summer movies to watch.

It's late at night, you just got home from the bar, throw this on and fall asleep to a classic.

'The Ritual'.


I watched this with a friend one unassuming Wednesday night and honestly... I was really impressed.

You hardly see creative creature movies anymore, so this film was a real breath of fresh air.

'When They See Us'.


This is the heartbreaking story of the Central Park Five, five young black men falsely accused of murdering and raping a woman in Central Park.

Not a fun, light, summery affair, but it will make you think.

'Step Brothers'.


What list of fun, summery movies is complete without Step Brothers? Probably the second funniest comedy of all time (the best will be coming soon) it's always guaranteed to make you laugh.

It's the Catalina Wine Mixer!

'Always Be My Maybe'.


This recently came out on Netflix (at time of writing) and honestly, it's a pretty darn funny movie.

Randall Park and Ali Wong have great chemistry, and the Keanu Reeves cameo is to die for.



I use to dislike Jay Baruchel. Note the words "used to", because his feature directorial debut is a Canadian masterpiece.

This guy nails hockey on film and you'll see the sport, and especially the fighting, as beautiful once you're done.

It's great for summer because it keeps hockey fans in the spirit.



This is the kind of horror movie you get together with your friends for. Not because it's scary, but because it's so easy to make fun of.

Trust me, have some drinks and watch this movie.



Jonah Hill's directorial debut has an awesome aesthetic to it. It's grungey, it's hard and it's in your face.

This movie will have you going through so many ups and downs you'll think you're on a skateboard.

'Thor: Ragnarok'.


This and Guardians Of The Galaxy are my recommendations for Marvel rewatches this summer.

They're probably the funniest and lightest of the Marvel movies, so skip all 48 other ones and stick with these two in the hot months.



Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

If your eyes are not being lost in his glorious green onion smelling skin at all times, then what are you even doing with your life?



The greatest movie of all time. Watch it all the time, have it constantly playing off your TV and even after the 100th day you still won't regret it.

I will always recommend Superbad on these lists.